Superbowl Champions 2021

Being a Tampa based company, we are completely ecstatic to be able to see such an amazing win in the Superbowl. Tampa absolutely dominated in the big game and made everyone in the city proud. Whether you were watching the game at home, at a favorite restaurant in South Tampa, or bar hopping in Ybor, we know you must have enjoyed the game as much as we did!


For YTE Events and Balloon Decor, we did not stop this past week. We had over 200 hours of inflation and balloon installation between the group of us. We even had Kathy out working on balloon jobs. (Kathy is normally only in charge of the phones and emails.) It was a great week with a lot of work coming together to make sure everything worked out. There were long days of 20+ hours for some and there were a few small complications here and there that helped make are weekend even more eventful. We had a tornado warning come through over the weekend that threatened some of our outdoor decor installations and even pulled one of them out of place.


Luckily, we have an amazing team of artists and staff that pulled together to make sure we had everything taken care of. There were a total of 8 staff that rallied together at different times in order to make this weekend work. Between safety precautions for Covid and our tight schedule, it was a growing experience for us all.


There were uhauls rented to complete this set of installations as well. In order to delivery everything on time, we had 2 different 26-foot uhauls, 3 additional rentals of 15 foot uhauls, and we had 3 trips with our van as well. There were so many uhaul vehicles at our office at one point that we could have probably opened up a distribution center ourselves!


We started the week off with some unrelated balloon decor (unrelated to football) with the Amazon center DSR1 in Palmetto. We installed some columns, an arch, and a few centerpieces to get their team pumped about their fulfillment center taking on more business. After we took care of Amazon, we also delivered some foil columns and a gorgeous foil arch for Camping World of Tampa. The blue and silver foils just looked phenomenal!

The next large project consisted of another installation at DSR1 in Palmetto where we decorated the parking lot structure that was newly installed. There we had an arch, 6 columns, and a sculpture of the Amazon mascot Peccy made of balloons. This was actually booked by the team who built out their parking lot and was designed to welcome Amazon staff to the new facility. It was an amazing gesture and looked fantastic!

Once we hit Thursday, there were more and more decor events themed around the Superbowl and around the support for Tampa Bay Buccaneers. David Yurman jewler in International mall had a marvelous piece installed in their showroom that we absolutely loved.

Friday was a crazy day. It was the day we had both 26-foot uhaul trucks going and the day we had the most people on staff helping to build, deliver, and install all of the cool items for the weekend. We started the morning with a delivery to Nordstrom where we decorated their 3 main outdoor entrances. We had a large balloon display over their East entrance and then we did a few organic columns at their other locations. Most of the decor at Nordstroms was built of 3-foot latex balloons, air-filled, and of colors red, black, and silver.


After Nordstroms, we had the crew head back to the office to fill the trucks again for our trip to Oxford Exchange in Tampa where we would be doing our largest balloon build of the day. Plans were to deliver at close and to be done as quickly as possible so that we could make it to the 3rd installation for the evening. At Oxford, we were able to knock out the installation in less than 3 hours with 6 staff members. For the size of the build, we were very excited to be able to take the time down this much. For this build, we added 3-foot foil balloon footballs and we believe it helped elevate the install.


The final installation of the night was at the Library in St. Petersburg and, due to an oversight, our staff arrived way too early. So, after enjoying a few appetizers, we got to work and started to install an organic installation piece at the main entrance of the restaurant. This balloon installation was mostly created from 16-inch balloons of red, black, and silver.

Saturday was (almost) an off-day. We did not have any active installs, but did have a number of items to prepare for the weekend. We had 3 private parties to prepare for and we also got to make our rounds to Oxford Exchange to make sure the installation looked great the following morning.

Sunday we continued our busy weekend with our final round of installations. We all took off in the evening to watch the big game and had a blast watching as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers destroyed Kansas City.

Then, as requested, Monday morning came and we were out breaking down the installations around town, making sure that every location looked fantastic for their start of day.


All in all, the weekend was a blast and we had a great time installing balloon decor throughout town. Below you can see the discounted rates and options that we offered all of our clients for Superbowl weekend. Naturally, we gave all of these discounts on Tampa Bay themed decor and charged full price for anything made for the chiefs. Most of our clients were thrilled to receive such a discounted rate for the week and we hope to be able to work with them all again in the future.


If you have a private event, corporate party, or some type of function where you would like to wow your guests with balloon decorations, please let us know. You can reach our team at the contact form or you can call the office directly at 813-310-5900.


Looking forward to working with you too!

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