Master Balloon Artist makes a lego man out of balloons at the Tampa Bay Rays Game If you want to get the balloons with style at a Rays game, then the Draft room is where to go. It is the VIP area where all the season ticket holders get a pass. We also have a balloon artist there which we instruct to do amazing balloon figures for all the amazing guests that help support the Tampa Bay Rays with their season tickets.

So, if you are a baseball fan (or even just a balloon fan), you should have season tickets this year so that you too can come get VIP balloons in the Draft room of Tropicana Field. We do our best to make sure that everyone is treated exceptionally and that our artists make great balloons for everyone they meet. We just have more time to make cooler stuff in the Draft Room.

Next time it can be you who decides to bring your favorite NASCAR driving LEGO toy figure and it can be you who takes home a matching balloon sculpture of the same NASCAR driving LEGO balloon toy!

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