Another Incredible Independence Day!

American Flag Balloon Artwork

This month marks another successful Independence Day at YTE Events & Balloon decor!

You may have spotted our team making balloon art at many different locations throughout Florida, but today we would like to highlight just one of the many celebrations our artists attended over the holiday weekend.

The St. Petersburg Yacht Club hosted a fabulous event, where we were tasked with entertaining both members and guests throughout the evening. Our balloon twisters created patriotic sculptures of red, white, and blue as well as special balloon animals, such as the bald eagle!

The capstone of the event was, of course, a fantastic firework show over the pier, which illuminated the smiling faces of both children and adults as they held tight their favorite balloon animal and celebrated our nation’s independence.

Though the holiday has passed, our team will be celebrating all month long. Consider inviting YTE for your next 4th of July celebration!

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