How I Became a Balloon Artist

Author: Lauren the Balloon Girl

Lauren the Balloon Girl

Nice to meet you! My name is Miss Lauren, your balloon girl for YTE Events. I’ve been an airhead… I mean, a balloon artist… for nearly 10 years now! For me, balloon animals started off as a high school hobby—just something to express my creativity. But when I teamed up with your balloon man Mr. Fudge in 2004, I knew I could turn my beloved pastime into a lucrative profession.

I started making balloon animals at local restaurants in the Tampa Bay area when I turned 16. My amazing balloon crafting skills, paired with my bubbly personality and a bright smile, made it hard for anyone—children and adults alike—to not be blown away. By handing out business cards to every happy costumer, I eventually booked birthday parties and special events like school functions, grand openings, and even wedding receptions!

People often ask me how many different balloons I can make. A shorter list would be how many different balloon animals I have never made before! Of course I can make your basic balloon shapes (dog, heart, sword, monkey, toucan, fish, alligator, etc), but I also strive for the challenging creations. Like Princess Cinderella. Or Spider Man. Or a wearable hula girl costume, complete with a grass skirt and hibiscus flowers.

Just because I haven’t made something out of balloons before doesn’t mean I’m not up for the challenge! By challenging myself, I become a better balloon artist with each and every twist. And that’s why I’m so POPular with YTE Events in Tampa!

But let me tell you—making balloon animals takes a lot of patience. And time. And practice. But it is a skill I can take with me anywhere! I always carry a multi-colored balloon bundle (looks like a rainbow anemone) in my purse at all times, never knowing when the next balloon creation will take flight from my Marry Poppins’s bag-of-tricks.

Interested in becoming a balloon artist? Great! YTE Events and myself can teach you how to make awesome balloon animals, too! Or you can cheat and hire me for your child’s birthday party and pretend to have made all the balloon decorations yourself. Your secret is safe with me =)

If you leave a Comment below, I’ll gladly answer any questions you may have for Miss Lauren your balloon girl!

If you’re looking for other types of entertainment, we can help with that as well. Lauren often goes out with a caricature artist, princess, or even a face painter.

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