Cake with Boars Head and a balloon twister

Boars head 25 years with publix event

Boars Head knows how to make an occasion memorable, partnering with Publix for 25 years and hosting multi-faceted events. One of their standout features? A custom cake that takes the spotlight alongside our YTE Events’ professional balloon twisters.

In addition to marking their long-standing collaboration with Publix, Boars Head ingeniously folded in a back-to-school theme, turning their celebration into an opportunity to gift school supplies and prizes to attending children.

When planning an event that requires multi-layered entertainment and gifts, consider integrating Boars Head’s custom cakes and YTE Events’ balloon artistry. To better prepare for your next event, learn what to look for when hiring a balloon artist. Combining delicious food with engaging entertainment is a foolproof formula for a successful event. Our balloon artists also shined at IKEA’s 75th-anniversary event in Tampa, exemplifying versatility and skill.

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