Every balloon artist has their own style

Every balloon artist is different. They all have their own style, specialties, signature pieces, and preferred workspace setup for balloon twisting. When you contact us about an event it is necessary for us to collect information about your celebration so we can perfectly match you with artists that will fit your needs. Are you hosting a company party? Kids birthday party? Grand opening or product launch? Will there be mostly kids, adults, or a mix of both? Will the event be a small gathering with friends and family, or open to the public? do you want large impressive pieces, or more simple and quick balloon pieces? These help us determine which types of entertainment and specific entertainers will be ideal to match you with.

Some artists are more minimalistic with their setup to create impromptu designs on the spot, and others are more streamlined with their setup – even including menus with twisted balloon pieces for you to choose from! Each method has their benefits. Impromptu twisting lends itself well for that unforgettably unique WOW factor to impress guests, a more streamlined setup is best when you want as many pieces made as quickly as possible – for example sporting events where everyone wants a something but there isn’t much time to get it all done. Contact us and we can answer all your questions about balloon artists!

austin showing off a phoenix he made out of balloons
cadence showing off a black cat she made out of balloons

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