Mr. Fudge performs at a 3rd Birthday Party | St. Petersburg, FL

Mr Fudge balloon artist at event Tampa florida with balloon wreaths on door

Birthday parties are so much fun! Today we had Mr. Fudge out at a very special birthday party for Smitty who turned 3 years old. Upon arriving, the first thing he noticed was the amazing balloon wreath hanging on the door and letting everyone know that it was a very special day. It was so amazing the Mr. Fudge even took a selfie with it on the way out the door. This is his featured image of the day!

At the event, our birthday boy received a Mickey Mouse balloon sculpture and each of his friends got something pretty cool too. Mr. Fudge let us know he twisted a Spider Man, Aurora, Chase the Police Dog, a T-rex, an alligator, a rose, a princess crown, a motorcycle, a helicopter, a giant monkey, a huge octopus, a Tinkerbell, a Little Mermaid, and even a crazy hat! Along with the birthday boy’s very special Mickey Mouse balloon sculpture, Mr. Fudge made a total of 15 large advanced balloon shapes in the hour that he was there. 

The party was at a gorgeous private home on the water in St. Pete and Mr. Fudge made a point to share with us just how awesome and amazing each of the children were at this event. Even though some were younger and in the 3 year old range, they were polite, had manners, were patient, and were easy to work with. 

“The most memorable moment for me was when one little girl became so happy that she started jumping for joy and nearly walked right into the kiddy pool. Luckily mom was there to grab her, but it is always fulfilling getting to see the little ones light up with joy. It is just one more reminder why I love my job!”
– Mr. Fudge, about Smitty’s 3rd Birthday Party

There are so many fun things about balloon twisters that we just don’t know until they tell us. (Like that there are conventions for balloon twisting!) Thanks for sharing Mr. Fudge!

If you would like to have Mr. Fudge or another balloon twister out to your event or birthday party, please let us know and we will be happy to get you a free quote and check on availability. Just fill out a contact form and someone in the YTE Events office will get back to you within 12 hours or less. Thanks for considering us for your very special day!

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