Shark Week Balloon Animals at Birthday Party

Shark Week Balloon twisting balloon animal for birthday party

Every now and again a TV show starts to hit and balloon animal requests follow suit. The Discovery Channel was airing their infamous shark week and it inspired this young boy to get a shark. He didn’t just want a twisted shark, but he wanted a shark on a fishing pole. He thought it would be really funny if the balloon guy made him a baby fish on a pole and then he got a shark to eat the fish. It was almost as funny as this minion themed balloon headband sculpture.

Rather than have all the violence, our balloon artist went ahead and made the shark on the pole showing what it looks like just moments after the shark gets his snack.

The young man was happy with his shark on a fishing pole and went off to enjoy the rest of the amazing birthday party with his customized balloon animal. It isn’t the only place where balloons are a pleasure. Check this story out.

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