Top 7 Balloon Twisting Tricks for A Child’s Birthday Party

Balloon twisting is one of the most exciting activities that a children’s entertainer could ever perform. It is, however, important to remember that some of the younger audiences might be afraid of balloons. Therefore, it is best if you start off with some of their favorites during your shows.

Here are some of the most appreciated balloon creations that children love:

1. Spider-Man – Spiderman is one of the beloved superheroes of all times. Using your balloons and superior creativity, you can create some of the funniest Spiderman variations ever seen. Who said that you couldn’t create Spiderman as a baby- with his diapers still on!

If they are not into traditional superheroes, maybe they will enjoy some My Little Pony balloon animals instead?

2. Motorcycle- balloon modeling is often geared towards giving children something they can play with. A balloon motorcycle is one such impressive creation that children will have fun playing with. Balloon motorcycles are a common party favorite for children.

3. Bunny Rabbit- a bunny rabbit, is cute. Kids love bunny rabbits. A balloon bunny rabbit is even cuter. The younger audience will go crazy if you are able to create bunny rabbits out of balloons.

4. Flowers- If you want to impress kids at a party, give them flowers. You can go an extra mile and get an entertainer who can make them balloon flowers. The beautiful flowers will not only give them something to remember you by but also something to decorate their rooms with later.

5. Love Heart- this is one of the impressive ways that you can open the doors of love into a birthday party. Balloons heart make everyone at the party feel special and loved. Wherever balloon hearts appear, love tends to magically appears too.

6. Hats and Crowns- who doesn’t love dressing up for a party. Hats and Crowns are a colorful way of getting children into the party spirit. It is recommended that the hats match the theme and color of the event. Princess crowns, hats, and other headgears make terrific part decorations for children

7. Cats and Dogs- these are ideal for children with pets. If they love their pets, they most certainly will love the balloon cats or balloon dogs at the party.

This was written and edited by Jonathan Fudge, a balloon twister and entertainer recently featured on the front page of The Wall Street Journal for his balloon work in Tampa, Florida.

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