Twist and Shout Balloon Convention 2018

Twist and Shout Linked Round Balloon Backdrop with Jonathan Fudge and Steph Williamson

We would not be as capable with the balloons as we are if it were not for conventions and continuing educational experiences that we attend as a regular basis. Here is a photo of one of our lead designers (Jonathan Fudge) with another fantastic designer from Australia (Steph Williamson) at the Twist and Shout Balloon Convention in Las Vegas.

Posing in front of a round photo frame made out of balloons, the two of them attended the convention along with over 300 balloon twisters, balloon decorators, and balloon entertainers from around the world.

The convention had artists from Australia, Japan, Jamaica, Bahamas, Canada, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Israel, and all over the United States!

When it comes to the best balloon twisters in the world, this is where it is at. Jonathan Fudge has taught at this convention and others like it, but also makes it a point to go every year to help make sure the staff at YTE Events and Balloon Décor are top notch and a step ahead of the industry. The goal is to always be able to offer the very best in balloon decorations for our clients. (That’s how we have people like William who make things like paratrooper balloon costume designs at his events!)

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