A Slice of Cheesy Fun at Your Next Pizza Party

Pizza parties are always a good idea, so here is the recipe for a slice of cheesy fun at your next pizza party!
Once everyone arrives hand out pizza dough to each guest and have some fun with your food, tossing it in the air and spinning it around. To make it a competition give out points for style, highest toss(without tearing the dough or hitting the ceiling), and best technique.
Be well stocked with lots of toppings to build your own pizzas! Some suggestions: olives, peppers, onions, sausage, pepperoni, bacon, ham, and mushrooms. Want your guests to be surprised by their flavors with mystery ingredients? Portion out toppings into different numbered paper bags, then when it comes time to build your pizzas have each guest pick a number. Don’t be scared to pick some wild combos, adding in a few unconventional toppings!
While your pizzas are baking have some fun with some pizza themed trivia. Either compile your own list of questions, or save some time with an online interactive trivia option! Looking for another activity idea? a caricature artist would be perfect! Especially after a messy time topping the pizzas, maybe even with  some flour and sauce spread on your faces!
Grant Park nearby Tampa Caricature Artist drawing scaled