Caricature Animal Portraits and Commissions

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Caricature of pet puppy dog digital portrait

Do you have a furry family member that you’d love to have a portrait painted of? Pet portraits are a great way to honor our four legged friends.

One of our caricature artists has picked up creating digital portraits of our furry four-legged friends during quarantine. Though the most popular pets are cats and dogs, any animal can be drawn. These unique portraits are great when you want to immortalize your favorite cow, deer, snake, or even your favorite human!

All portraits are hand painted using procreate for iPad.  Having worked in digital mediums for 15 years, our artist is highly skilled in these digital paintings. Once completed, a hi-res JPG of your pet will be emailed to you for you to print at your local print shop.  Whether you want a full canvas print or you want to put your favorite pet on a coffee mug, these digital caricatures are great for nearly any use. If you prefer a different method of delivery, we can also provide a PSD, PDF, TIFF or PNG.

All listings are 300 dpi so they can be increased in size to an extent. With that said, by default the file is 11×14 but can be made any size. It’s encouraged to know what size you want to begin with if you have a specific purpose in mind.

Please provide a close up, in focus head shot of your pet for reference and an in focus full body photos if a full body painting is commissioned.

Prices start at $135/pet and can vary based on what exactly is commissioned. A full body caricature of a pet starts at $165. For a more intricate or complex background, pieces can be priced to order.

For those looking for human portraits, commissioned pieces begin at $195/head and shoulders or $295 for a full body. Similar with the pets, specialty backgrounds can be commissioned as well.

Turnaround for these types of commissioned paintings are typically around 2-4 days.
If you would like to know more about how you can have one of these specialty pieces completed for your home, let us know by contacting us on our contact page!

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For more information please check out our page on caricatures for hire in Tampa, Florida.

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