A Caricature Artist at Work
A Caricature Artist at Work

Some say the best gift is the gift of laughter. And there is something about caricature art that always makes us chuckle! Our caricature artists are skilled at creating memorable masterpieces for any occasion. This particular client wanted to give this year’s Christmas party some out of the ordinary flair!

Our artists create one-of-a-kind drawings at incredible speed and no two pieces are ever identical. The trained eye of our talented artists find new and exciting ways to exaggerate facial features into a goofy face that is a far cry from the original, yet somehow is completely identifiable. Even Santa himself couldn’t resist getting a portrait done by one of our artists!

Here we have one of our caricature artists drawing a guest at a Tampa Bay Rays event. You can see how much fun it is! Everyone loves having a picture drawn of themselves and something to take home to remember the occasion.

Having a caricature artist at any event can be a fun way to provide not only entertainment, but also fun keepsakes that your attendees can treasure for years to come!

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