Family portrait caricature

Are you still searching for the perfect Father’s day gift??? No Dad can resist the charm of a personalized family  caricature portrait! Our talented artists can create either a sketch or digital portrait, the choice is yours. The beauty of gifting a caricature family portrait is that, unlike gifting him yet another tie, your family changes every year! Making caricatures an annual tradition will be special  every time because it will reflect the changes in your family: styles, age, and even new additions to your family!

Want something different that will honor Dad and everything that makes him “Dad”? Opt for a solo caricature that incorporates his signature style and hobbies! From grilling to working on cars or even working with tech, we can incorporate props into his portrait to make sure his personality shines through!

Complete our contact form and mention “Cartoon Dad” for a special discount on a custom family caricature portrait for Father’s day!

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