Questions to Ask a Caricature Artist Before Hiring

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If you are looking to hire a Caricature artist for a child’s birthday party, it is essential that you get a perfect caricaturist. To achieve this, you ought to ask the right questions before hiring. What follows is a list of questions for which you should seek answers before hiring a caricaturist.

What’s the Caricaturist’s Drawing Speed?
Since most birthdays are timed, you need to have an artist who will entertain the guests within the time scheduled for the birthday party. On average, a seasoned artist takes about 3-5 minutes to complete a caricature. When you know the drawing speed of the artist, you can easily figure out whether he or she will manage to draw everyone at the party. You can thus make a decision on whether or not to hire more artists.

What Are the Artists Drawing and Entertainment Customs?
Different artists have different ways of entertaining their audiences. It thus is fitting to enquire how the artist goes about entertaining the folks he meets. Find out what paper sizes he uses, whether he uses special framings and what he does once the drawing is complete. Some artists use fixatives on their final works to avoid smudging, running and/or smearing. Others additionally put their drawings into clear plastic sleeves for added protection.

What Colors and Styles Does the Artist Use?
Some artists draw in black and white. Others use a blend of many colors to draw. If you are keen on matching the caricature drawing to the theme of your party, then you have to let the artist understand this in good time. Again, the style of the artist ought to be put into perspective. Some artists tend to be too harsh in their exaggerations. This makes them only suitable for mature subjects. A caricature artist for a children’s party had better be subtle and gentle with the exaggerations applied.

What Can You Do to Make the Party a Blast?
A great party requires the host and entertainers to work hand in hand. Offer the caricaturist everything that he or she feels is needed to make the party a success. This may include such things as a comfortable working area that’s well-lit and accessible to all. For more information please check out our page on caricatures for hire in Tampa, Florida.

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When you are planning to have a caricature artist at a child’s birthday party, there are important considerations that you should make. The information below will help you hire the right caricature artist for excellent entertainment at the party.

Ask for Pre-Drawn Caricatures
Be sure to have a look at samples of the artist’s work before hiring. You can, for instance, ask the artist to show you some of his finest works. Sometimes it even helps if you ask the artist to offer a sneak preview by drawing you. In doing this, you get a chance to review the style of the artist as well as his applications of comic effects in his work. Some caricature artists are simply too “harsh” in their style and thus inappropriate for children parties.

Look for Much More That Art
The best caricature artist is much more than just an artist; he or she is also an entertainer. Such a person is able to put people at ease as he or she draws. Caricaturists who are able to amuse onlookers, as well as the people posing for the picture, are the right fit for your job. To assess these qualities, you could ask for videos that show the caricaturists at work. Again, you should make sure that the artist’s humor is appropriate for children.

Look for The Right Credentials
Formal training and even art degrees are not an important consideration when hiring a caricature artist. They, however, are a big plus. Some professional caricaturists are also members of such organizations as the International Society of Caricature Artists. Other caricaturists have done notable works for movies, TV, newspapers, animations and other media beyond parties. All these aspects are critical pointers to caricaturist who can do a terrific job to your party.

Consider the Format That the Caricaturist Offers
A caricaturist may draw seated with the subject posing directly opposite them. Other artists mix and mingle with the guests. The mix and mingle artists are more interactive; they walk around and draw on the go. Depending on your party preferences, one of these two formats will be best. Be sure to ask from the caricature artist which of the two formats appeals to him or her.
Hiring a caricaturist is fun. A caricature or two will surely bring lots of fun to a children’s’ party. Every single one of your guest will love it. For more information please check out our page on caricatures for hire in Tampa, Florida.

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