Understanding What Caricature Birthday Fun Really Is

If you are looking for some special birthday party entertainment for kids, caricature art is the way to go. Caricaturists imprint the fun of a birthday party on paper in way that no other artist could ever do. These are artists who are skilled in much more that creating portraits; they entertain, crack our ribs and then leave drawings that continue to make us smile long after the party is over.

The Power of Caricature Artists Goes Way Back
It has been mentioned in the past that caricaturists wield the power of the pen, far more so than even writers. This probably because from as early as the 16th century, caricature art has been used to transmit powerful messages even without the need for a single written word. Of note is that this genre of fine art evolved at a time when most folks couldn’t read. Therefore, figurative drawing was a powerful tool of communication in matters of politics and public interest.

Caricature Isn’t Cartoon
Cartoon drawing is a form of animation art that typically involves fictional characters. It often represents a creative way to tell stories. The difference between cartoon and caricature is nonetheless very thin. Usually, caricature drawings are sketched quickly with minimal effort while cartoons are often expertly designed paying attention to detail. The artistic quality of caricature is nonetheless upheld and is not watered down by the quick sketching. Nevertheless, there still are those who use the word cartoon to refer to caricature.

Caricature Artists Are Terrific Party Entertainers
Generally, it takes about 3 to 5 minutes for a caricaturist to complete one drawing. This means it is possible for everyone at a party to get a personalized drawing. The artwork is usually humorous. For children, it can be incredibly hilarious. If the caricaturist doubles up as a superb kid’s entertainer, he or she will keep everyone thoroughly amused throughout the entire party. It is, however, important to understand the style of a caricature artist before hiring. Stereotypically caricaturists tend to overemphasize personal features in a ridiculous, gross manner. Kids need a gentle caricaturist who only applies artistic touches to make drawings look whimsical rather than insulting and ridiculous.

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