Some kids love them, others feared them, and still, there are those that simply respect them. No matter how you personally feel about them, clowns are a staple at almost any party where kids are involved. As a parent, guardian or party planner, YTE Events has your back whenever you need the perfect clown for a birthday party. Here’s how to go about the hiring of the best birthday party clown.

Consider the Clown’s Acts

Clowns are entertainers who often have additional skills to showcase at parties. Therefore, consider what special acts are offered and see if they are what you are looking for at a party. A clown could, for instance, bring magic, face painting or balloon twisting to a party. There are also many other ways that a clown could entertain the young party monsters at the birthday party. It also pays to look at how much experience the clown has.

Look Beyond the Clown’s Nose

Behind all the makeup and clown mask is a real-life human whom you have to meet in person before hiring. Get to know who the performer is. It would be to your advantage if you got to understand his or her personality. Other aspects of the clown such as his or her website, blog and social media account may help you understand the performer before you bring him or her into your child’s party.

Consider the Package Being Offered

As mentioned earlier, a clown does a variety of things to keep your guests tickled. A clown may offer various acts in various entertainment packages. For instance, you might be asked to pay extra for a puppet show by one performer while to another all that is part of the clown act thus you won’t have to pay extra. Again, you must understand that packages differ from one clown to another. You there have to get only the package that works best for your child and his or her buddies.

Putting together outstanding clown birthday party entertainment is a cakewalk if you have an expert to guide you. Talk to YTE events, and we’ll get your clown party popping with unending fun.

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