We joined IKEA this past weekend in celebrating 15 years of business in Tampa, with Cinnamon rolls and face painting. Painting faces of kids and kids at heart! The event was a vibrant and joyous affair, with families and friends coming together to mark this special milestone.

The aroma of freshly baked cinnamon rolls filled the air, tempting everyone’s taste buds. As children giggled with excitement, talented artists worked their magic, turning eager faces into colorful masterpieces. It was a day filled with laughter, fun, and a sense of community as we celebrated not just a store anniversary, but the bonds that bring us all together.

The face painting designs were carefully curated to reflect the essence of the brand and celebration. From intricate patterns to bold symbols, each design was uniquely crafted to resonate with the theme of the event.

Guests were delighted to choose from a variety of options, ensuring that their face paint perfectly complemented the festive atmosphere. As they proudly displayed their adorned faces, the vibrant colors and artistic expressions added an extra touch of joy and unity to the occasion. It was a true celebration of creativity and individuality, bringing everyone together in a shared experience of fun and self-expression.

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