Halloween Face Painting Tips and Tricks

Kara Mundy, professional party entertainer and face painter out of Tampa, Florida gives a few behind the scenes tips and tricks into the art of spooky and sweet Halloween face-painting how-tos. Parents and face painters alike can use these great little tips to help in transforming their young trick-or-treaters into ghastly ghouls, goblins, and fairies!

The Professional Makeup

Kara uses Wolfe Brothers face paint, but you can use Aquacolor by Kryolan or other professional face paints as well. The key is to use water color paints and to stay away from acrylics. The following easy face painting tips and ideas will help you on your way to greatness.

Best Makeup Tools for Painting Halloween Fun

  • Small or medium paint brush. Available at craft and art supply stores. (Makeup brushes are also fine.)
  • Makeup sponges, available at drug stores.
  • Eyebrow pencils (although the dark face paint with a paintbrush will also do.)

Getting Started with Face-Painting

  • Have kids close their eyes to keep from getting distracted.
  • Place your open hand on top of your child’s head when applying makeup for stability.
  • Sketch out detailed designs and difficult shapes on paper before applying makeup.
  • Draw lines in quick, single strokes after practicing the shape on paper.

Additional Tips for using makeup

  • Dip the makeup sponge in water before putting makeup on it. Don’t make it too wet, though, just damp. It will help the makeup go on smoother.
  • Squeeze end of sponge to get into tough spots (under eyes.)
  • Tap shadow brush before applying to skin to let loose powder fall.
  • If possible, start with lighter colors.


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