Face painting is a big hit as far as birthday party entertainment goes. You can push the boundaries even further by making faces at your party glow in the dark. Face paint that glows in the dark will look fantastically beautiful in a birthday party. It will transform the guests into strolling artwork work that glows.

First Things First
Not all glow-in-the-dark face paint is good for health. It is thus recommended that you only hire professionals. Be sure to inspect the paint to ensure that it doesn’t contain any toxic components. Your review of neon makeup shades should also be extremely thorough. Some face paints have been known to give people a frozen appearance because they cause the skin to tighten when they dry. Therefore, ensure that the paint being used is cosmetically accredited and approved.

You Could Go for A UV Alternative
Glow-in-the-dark face paint lights up in darkened areas. There, however, are UV face paint options that light up under UV light. This, however, requires that you provide UV lighting for your party. There also are a wide array of UV cosmetics and accessories such as crowns, necklaces, bracelets, etc., that you could use to complete the show. Yellow, green orange, and pink are very dynamic colors that glow in the dark and are also luminous when exposed to UV light.

Fun Glow-In-The-Dark Ideas
Face paint that glows has often been restricted to raves, nightclubs, and festivals. The face paints are nonetheless perfectly safe for children. You bet kids will love it when their faces suddenly begin to glow when the lights are turned off or when UV light comes on. Here are some of the enjoyable designs that are ideal for birthdays.

  • Stripes and Dots- basic stripes and dots are simple but look super-artist when they begin to glow
  • Floral Patterns- these often have a feminine appeal and are adored by young girls
  • Fantasy World Designs- dragons, princesses, kings and other mythical characters that are found in the stories and films that kids love are also celebrated ideas.
  • Animal Designs- the options here are virtually endless including butterflies, kittens, puppies and many more.

Face painting is an art that comes in many styles. UV and glow in the dark is just one of those options. Give us a call to see what fun and unique ways we can help transform your event.

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