Henna birthday parties are always a memorable occasion. This is partly because the henna decorations remain on the skin for up to 5 weeks serving as a reminder of the fun times that were the hallmark of the birthday party. The perfect henna parties make the guests appreciate your friendship through the beautifully customized artwork that you gift them with at the party. You can make a henna party extra special by following these excellent tips.

Make A Statement with Your Birthday Party Theme

Henna parties are typically a place for friends to meet, relax have a good time while getting gorgeous paintings on their bodies, the theme you pick for the party should accentuate this. Oriental themes are a longtime compliment for henna parties. Evening henna parties, for instance, go great with an Arabian Nights theme. Therefore, pick a color scheme, decor, and decorations that take your henna party to the next level of cool.

Think Henna Party-Themed Food and Drinks

Henna parties give you a spacious ground to experiment with a broad range of cuisines. You may choose an Indian-themed party where you serve Indian food and chai. Folks love chai; you could go a step further and brew different teas including Tetley Elaichi chai, masala chai, and other herbal teas. A Moroccan henna party with Moroccan dishes being served will also be a huge success. The possibilities here are many. Merely pick your strongest cuisine and run with it.

Get an Excellent Artist

You will need a skilled professional at the helm of the henna artwork. Get someone who is able to work fast and accurately. It is a big plus if that person is also great at working with kids. YTE events has some of the world’s finest henna artists ready to come and blow everyone’s mind away with their spectacular henna designs.

DO Not Forget the Photos

Henna parties are one of the most memorable parties for kids. Photos will complement this by providing long-lasting mementos for the birthday child and her friends. Group photos, as well as individual photos, are sure to remain long after the henna has faded away.

When you are ready to book a henna artist for your orlando event, contact us at YTE Events Orlando and we will be happy to find the perfect entertainer or artist for your event!

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