Having a henna birthday party is an excellent way to bring all your birthday girl’s friends together to have fun and embrace the warmth of their friendship. Henna birthday parties are excellent for young girls, especially teenagers.

The Basics

For a successful henna birthday party, the theme had better be an oriental one. Think of Arabian Nights; especially if it is a birthday party sleepover! The party is majorly going to be about the young girls talking, bonding and having their hands and feet painted with henna.

The Traditions

In the olden days, particularly in South East Asia, henna painting was a serious affair. Henna night traditionally was the night before a wedding when the bride’s female relatives and friends would come together and get henna decorations on their hands and feet. It was during the henna night when the trousseau of the bride would be moved to her new home. Thankfully, nowadays henna painting is simply a fun-filled activity where everyone just relaxes and enjoys every part of the henna beautification process.

Essential Tips for A Great Party

  • Not everyone has a right to make it to the guest list. If you want the henna party to meaningful to the birthday girl, invite only her closest friends to the party.
  • The decorations should be brilliant, colorful and revolving around an oriental theme. Oriental dressing is recommended. However, it shouldn’t be too complicated and should make it easy for one to expose the hands and feet.
  • Go extra big on music especially if you are hosting a large group. You shouldn’t shy away from even hiring a DJ. Nevertheless, play music that your guests love. You could even invite them to play their own
  • Delicious food is a must. Serve delectable snacks and savory drinks at the party. Henna related snacks such as chaat are highly recommended. A chai bar is also not a bad idea. Have a food station set up where guests can have their pick at the delicious foods and drinks.
  • Hire enough artists for the party. This is depended on the length of the party’s guest list as well as the duration of the party. YTE events is a one-stop shop for the finest henna artists and henna party supplies.

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