Some of the most colorful and fun parties and events include henna art (or mehndi). If you are hosting an event with a henna artist, then here are a few ideas on how to help magnify the beauty and fun of the event. Globally recognized as mehndi, henna art is a brilliant idea for a birthday party, wedding reception, or other fun event. Henna forms beautiful skin decorations that are temporarily stain the skin a beautiful brownish-red color. The designs are usually gorgeous and often intricately ornate. This makes henna party a great inspiration for a kid’s birthday party. The following ideas will transform the event into a radiant and festive occasion for everyone present.

Set A Glamorous Stage

Henna art is all about beauty in colors. It is thus imperative that you put up a pretty stage where the magic happens. A bright, colorful stage is additionally a terrific place to take birthday photos. A glamorous backdrop with bright pink, green, blue and orange fabrics is an excellent stage for a henna artist. You can also have the area well lit. This will help with photos and can even help the artist see to make more detailed pieces of art.

Be Creative with The Guest Seating Arrangement

The setting of any party should allow maximum interaction among the guests. The setting of a henna should also give the guest a chance to mingle. Most importantly, it should be posh and very comfortable. One way you can make this happen is by incorporating lounge seats and lots of plush pillows in a henna party. Colorful umbrellas should also be present if you are having an outdoor event. The umbrellas can offer shade to the artist and guests and can also add a touch of color.

Work an Impressive Table Décor

You table décor should feature henna motifs extensively. These create the perfect mood for mehndi fun. Signs with cute henna patterns could, for instance, form the centerpieces at the tables around and near the stage. Many folks find it better to play it simple when it comes to table décor. Small henna-inspired votive and lanterns are highly recommended. Many hosts have opted to choose bright, colorful Indian theme fabrics as well.

Hire A Fun Artist

Henna parties have for long been for grown-up events such as bridesmaid parties and weddings. When it’s for a kid’s birthday, you must switch up the gears and get an artist who is great at working with children. YTE events has some of the finest henna artists for kids’ parties. They have a huge collection of very skilled henna performers throughout Orlando and the Central Florida area.

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