Try being a Magician for your next event!

Why not let the next party you have be a magic one that everyone talks about?

Tampa Coin Magician for Events and Entertainment

When selecting a magician, you’ll want one with plenty of experience, that way it’s sure to be a high quality engagement. At YTE events, our magicians are ahead of the pack, and are proud to offer highly engaging and stimulating performances. They are capable of boggling the mind of all audience members – this no matter what their age may be. They are skillfully adept masters of their trade; so if you, like many, associate magicians solely with children’s birthday parties, it’s time to graduate from that train of thought. You see, with YTE events, magicians are an across the board entertainment solution for all types of events in St. Petersburg, as well as the surrounding Tampa area.

Attempt to Perform These Magic Tricks!

Now, to give you an idea of how skillful a professional magician must be, why not give these magic tricks a try, and see what mastery it takes to have them perceived as professional! You might be amazed…

The Torture Magic Trick

How it’s done:
The props you will need for this trick are: A cloth napkin, dressmaker’s pins, and a carrot.

  • Carve a piece of the carrot to appear much like a thumb.
  • In your hand you are clutching onto the piece of carrot.
  • Tell your audience that you learned the trick from your grandfather, a magician. Show the extended thumb of that hand while making sure not to show the carrot.
  • As you cover your hand with the hanky, move the carrot piece up to where your thumb would be. Push pins through the handkerchief into the carrot.
  • Your audience will believe that you are sticking pins into your finger, and be surprised that you don’t even flinch!
  • To keep them going, as you pull the hanky away when done, take the carrot away too so they have no idea how you did it! Then let them inspect your thumb to see that it’s intact.

Mind Reading Magic Tricks

How it’s done:
Explain to your audience that you have the ability to read your assistant’s mind. You have already prepared your assistant to have chewing gum in their mouth.

You ask an audience member to whisper any number from one to ten in your assistant’s ear. As they do so, you place one hand on each side of the assistant’s face, as if you’re ‘feeling’ his thoughts. But make sure that you can see his mouth. You will already have him instructed to chew the gum as many times as necessary to show you which number was whispered in his ear.

You will come across as having ESP!

Big Wand in a Small Purse

How it’s done:
You’ll need: A wand, a coin purse, and dressmaker shears.

  • Cut a hole in the corner of the coin purse with the shears. The hole should be wide enough across to allow the wand to pass easily through.
  • Conceal the want in your sleeve, the other end goes through the hole in the coin purse.
  • When you walk towards your audience holding the coin purse, you will pull the wand from inside of it. Tell them that the purse is your wand’s carrying bag. It will appear that you took the long wand out of a little tiny purse! You should practice this one by a mirror or in front of family to get it right.

Conclusion: See, it’s hard work being a great magician, isn’t it? So, perhaps pack it away for now and hire a pro from the St. Petersburg YTE events. Contact us to get a free Birthday Party Quote for a Magician.

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