The Funniest Child Party Magician in Orlando

Magician William Green is your key to a sucessful party 1
Magician William Green is your key to a successful party

Most people go to a magic show to experience something that real life rarely gives; wonder and bewilderment. A great magician must, therefore, bring out the big “WOWs” from the audience. William Green’s spectacular performances have been described as being inexpressibly “Wowing.” This makes him one of the most sought after magicians in Florida.

He Is a Smashing Entertainer
Will has a great deal of magic to offer. Additionally, his magic is always served with a side serving of rib-cracking comedy. All of his shows leave the audience with their sides hurting from laughter. The fun he brings to a child’s birthday party is unforgettable.

He Is a Dedicated Magician
He may have on several occasions been named as the funniest family entertainer in all of America, but Will is surprisingly easy to reach. He thus is available to be booked for birthday parties and corporated events throughout Orlando and all other surrounding areas throughout central Florida. He always aspires to show up wherever he is needed. On the rare chance that he is unavailable, his sidekick, Mr. Magic, will gladly take his place.

He Puts on A Captivating Show Every Time
Audience participation is ever high whenever Will takes the stage. He has been known to turn the children at a party into magicians. It’s not the children alone that love him, but the grown ups too. Will is easy-going, interactive and hilarious. His acts are customized to fit the audience. His shows, therefore, mesh well with the audiences. In fact, whenever he comes to a party, the buzz in the neighborhood is almost deafening; and people still talk about him for months after he has left.

He Is a Great Teacher
Will is famed for putting on remarkable family shows. He however also has outstanding educational programs for preschools, libraries, and schools. Through his shows, he teaches kids how to build their self-esteem, stay safe, adopt a reading culture and so much more. You can trust that Will brings fun to the party.

If you would like to book Will at your next event, fill out our event request form on the site and YTE Events staff will go above and beyond to help find the perfect match for your event.

How much is a magician?
Prices vary based on the skill level of the magician and the type of show they will be performing. If the show is a home birthday party, prices are typically on the lower end. If it is a stage presentation for a corporate event, prices would be on the higher side. Most of our magicians go out for around $300 for a private show. Some birthday packages start as low as $225 for a 30 minute show. For details, be sure to fill out the contact form and our staff will help find a magician especially for you.

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