Cinco de Mayo is coming up this Friday! Here are some tips to keep it exciting for everyone!

Of course what everyone wants to know about: the food. The best party foods are ones that your guests can personalize; for Cinco de Mayo think nachos, tacos, and burrito bowls! All of these can be made with essentially the same ingredients, with just a few simple swaps like tortilla chips, tortillas, and a rice bowl base. When setting up a create-your-own Mexican themed food bar be sure to include: shredded lettuce, cheese, sour cream, salsa, guacamole, taco meat, black beans, and rice.

For party entertainment we love the interactions with character actors, especially when the majority of your party guests are children! Another option is a Mariachi band which really solidifies the ambiance of appreciating Mexican culture. Dancers are the perfect option when you want a mesmerizing show, and they may even be willing to teach your guests a few of their favorite moves with a dance lesson! Did you know that Mexico has it’s own national dance? It’s the Jarabe Tapatio! It’s a style of Mexican folk dance, and pairs perfectly with Mariachi music! If you’re feeling overwhelmed and need help planning your next event, let us know filling out our Contact page.

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