Ice Princess for birthday partiesFor the first time in forever, children are turning blue when it’s their birthday. Because everyone’s favorite Disney movie, Frozen, has become a popular theme for parties, and kids cannot get enough of Elsa, Anna, and Olaf!

Even though YTE Events was founded in Florida, YTE knows how to throw the coolest Frozen birthday party ever! It’s because our best balloon artists, face painters, and real life princesses have been specially trained to make your event a royal success—a party so grand that the Duke of Weselton would want to crash!

YTE is committed and honored to help you plan the best Frozen birthday party with ideas, suggestions, and inspiration, because we are your total entertainment solution after all!

Frozen Invitation Ideas

  • Finding Invitations on Etsy: If you prefer to buy your invitations, there are some great options on Etsy. Check out these amazing Elsa Invitations to get your ideas started.
  • Printable Invitations: Try out some of these great printable Elsa invitations here.

Frozen Snacks and (Frost) Bites

  • Elsa’s Icicles: Blue and clear rock candy
  • Frost Bites: Smear light blue frosting on marshmallows, and roll in white sprinkles. Stick a lollipop stick inside each one, and you’re done!
  • Do you want to build a Snowman?: Fill a large clear bowl with: skinny pretzels; mini & regular marshmallows; bugles, baby carrots, or puffed Cheetos; and black candy pearls, brown (or black) M&M’s, or raisins
  • Ice Wands: Spread light blue frosting across long pretzel rods, and then coat with blue and/or white sprinkles for a magical effect
  • A Kiss to Melt a Frozen Heart: Decorate a tiered plate stand with Bowl silver and/or blue Hershey’s Kisses
  • Olaf’s Noses: Ranch dip and carrot spears
  • Frozen Hearts: Dip strawberries in white chocolate, sprinkle with blue sprinkles if desired
  • Kristoff’s Ice: Blue Jell-O cut into square cubes
  • Melted Olaf: In single-serve containers, pour in Vanilla Yogurt or Pudding, and top with an orange jelly bean, mini chocolate morsels, and 2 skinny pretzel sticks
  • Fresh Snow: Light blue cotton candy! It’s so fluffy!
  • Snowman Jr: Get some white powdered doughnuts and stick a bugle in the middle

Frozen Desserts that Melt In Your Mouth

  • Ice Caps: Make Vanilla cupcakes inside light blue cupcake wrappers, and top with light blue frosting. Bonus points for adding a snowflake decoration on top.
  • I wanna stuff some chocolate in my face: Get a box of assorted chocolates (or use leftovers from Valentine’s Day, yum) and spread over an ornate white plate. Everyone will think these chocolates were imported from Arendelle!
  • Let it Snow!: Cutout cookies in shapes of snowflakes (hooray for digging out Christmas cookie cutters!)
  • Snowball Trees: Obtain 3 or more Styrofoam cones/towers, cover with foil, spear with toothpicks, and place a white powdered donut hole on each toothpick. You will create a magnificent snowball tree that is as fun to make as it is to deliciously destroy!

Drinks (which are really just melted snow)

  • Icy Waters: Fill a grandiose beverage dispenser or punch bowl with Blue Jello and Ginger Ale. You can also offer Blue Kool-Aid Bottles for portable options.
  • Hot Chocolate Bar: YES YES YES! Fill a coffee carafe with hot chocolate, and surround the area with yummy toppings, spices, whipped cream, and Styrofoam cups.
  • Melted Snow: Who knew Sam’s Club sold Frozen drinks? Pick up bottles of water for instant hydration, and if you’re feeling especially creative, wrap the bottle with custom-made “Melted Snow” labels.

Coronation Ball Entrees

  • We finish each other’s sandwiches!: Serve up sandwiches and/or wraps to please any crowd… and Princess Anna
  • MozzarElsa Snowmen: Decorate mozzarella sting cheese like a snowman! Wrap winter-colored Washi Tape around each wrapper to make a scarf, draw on snowman dot eyes with a Sharpie, add an orange nose, and you’ve got mini snowman!
  • Troll Rocks: Everyone loves meatballs, especially ones that trolls made (and trolls are love experts after all)! Garnish the meatballs with parsley for a mossy effect.
  • Royal Coronation Salad: All hail (and eat!) the almighty Caesar Salad!
  • Anna’s Pasta: Cook up your favorite pasta noodles, and strain half the batch into a gallon zip lock bag full of 20 drops of Blue Food Color + 2 tbsps water. Allow to sit for 5 minutes, strain out again, and then combine both the plain white noodles with the blue noodles. They’re oodles of fun!
  • Pizza!: Okay, yes, pizza has no tie-in whatsoever with Frozen. But who doesn’t love pizza? It’s an inexpensive (and delicious) food solution to please the pickiest (and hungriest) of palates on any budget.

Cool Frozen Games and Birthday Entertainment

  • Do you want to build a snowman?: Remember that “Mummy Wrap” game we used to play as kids during Halloween? Well, this is kind of the same concept. Start a 1-minute timer, unleash toilet paper upon the children, and watch them “build a snowman” by wrapping their friends up. Be sure to offer round black paper circles (sticky tape on one side) and an orange paper carrot nose (sticky tape again) so the kids can complete their masterpieces.
  • Snowball Fight!: Get a bucket and fill with Styrofoam balls, and have a fun snowball fight (outdoors of course!)
  • Her Majesty’s Face Painter: No princess is ready for the ball without her regal makeup! YTE has the best Face Painters in Tampa, and these talented beauticians will make every little girl feel like she’s at Elsa’s Coronation Ball. Feel free to fill out a free face painter request by clicking here.
  • Melted Snowball Fight!: If you are throwing a snow party during the summer, then a water balloon fight will certainly make a splash! Fill up blue water balloons and let the children duke it out.
  • Balloon Artist of Arendelle: YTE has the best balloon artists in Florida and will create the coolest balloon creations you’ve ever seen! Our friendly balloon entertainers are well versed in everything Frozen, hailed across the land for twisting up your favorite ice queen, daring princess, friendly snowman, and loyal reindeer! Request an amazing balloon artist for your Frozen party.
  • Pin the Nose on Olaf: Create a 3-foot tall cutout of Olaf (cardboard boxes, white spray paint, scissors, and hot glue work wonders) and multiple carrot-shaped noses from construction paper. Blindfold each kid with a scarf straight from Oaken’s Trading Post and see who can best place Olaf’s nose.
  • Reindeer Games: Use a Ring Toss game, or create your own, and dub it ‘Sven’s Antlers’
  • Real-life Ice Queen and Ice Princess: You’ve heard the stories about the 2-hour wait to meet Elsa at Disney World. But why wait when you can have your very own real-life Ice Queen and Ice Princess arrive at your Frozen birthday party? YTE Events has Princess characters from all the magical kingdoms, whom have been specially trained in royal etiquette with custom-made and regally-tailored gowns and dresses. If you’re looking to dazzle and amaze your guests of all ages with a real-life princess at your party, then click here to submit a free no-obligation quote! (Please book at least 3 weeks in advance, as our cool Princess are in hot demand)

Decorations and Goody bags

  • Frozen-inspired plates, napkins, utensils, cups: Don’t spend a fortune on branded party supplies when you can easily (and inexpensively!) festoon your Frozen party with solid colored options! Look for light blue and white napkins, paper plates, cups, plastic ware, and table covers add so much magic to your event while magically saving you money.
  • Icicle Lights: Dig out that Christmas box again, because there are tons of lights you can use to illuminate your Frozen party. Hanging icicle lights are beautiful and effective, but so are solid-colored white and blue lights. You can always get Wedding Mini Lights from your favorite craft store to add extra dazzle to the special day.
  • Iridescent door fringe curtain: Head to your local Party Supply store (or hit up Amazon and Ebay) and look for “iridescent fringe curtain”. There’s an avalanche of options to choose from, and these curtains will transform any room into an ice palace fit for a queen.
  • Fresh Snow Fall: Thread different sized cotton balls through fishing line, and hang from ceiling. This Frozen decoration idea is so simple, effective, and elegant that you might wish to leave it up even after the party ends.
  • Olaf Goody Bags: Using plain white paper lunch bags from the dollar store, you can easily create custom Olaf goody bags. Just get brown, black, and orange paper, cut out the appropriate snowman shapes, glue to the bag, and you’ve got memorable, lovable, and huggable Frozen goody bags.
  • Princess Snow: Corked Favor Jars are adorable and affordable! Fill each little glass vial with white pearl candy, adhere a snowflake sticker on it, and voila! You’ve got snow straight from Arendelle, which makes for a great goody bag filler.
  • Elsa’s Gloves: Stock each Frozen goody bag with a pair of mittens, rubber kitchen gloves, or blue latex/vinyl gloves. Kids will LOVE them!
  • Thank you SNOW much for coming!: A cute little card or lollipop wrapper thanking your guests for attending your amazing Frozen birthday party.

All of the entertainers at YTE Events look forward to making your Frozen-themed party spectacular, so send us an event request so we can supply some magic in your magical day.

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How to make an Elsa and Anna Birthday Cake:

Let the party rage on!

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