Blueberry Stilt Walker for Fairs Festivals Sporting Events Blueberry fairWhen it comes to entertaining are events, a stilt walker makes for a great photo opportunity that is fun for everyone. Specifically for blueberry festivals, sports teams, patriotic events, and events where you just want a classy entertainer in the color blue, our Blue stiltwalker makes a fantastic addition.

Our blue stilt walker comes with blueberry printed stilt pants, a blue sequin vest, and a gorgeously shiney blue shirt. Topped with a classy hat and blue sequin accent, this outfit is sure to stand out and make a great backdrop for photos and fun for any event where you want to go full blue!

If you want to add some more fun, he can also juggle, do balloons, or breathe fire. Just let us know what type of entertainment and interaction you are looking for and we can be sure to put together a package that works just for you!

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