Candy Cane Themed Stilt Walker in Macys Parade

Candy Cane Stilt Walker in Macy's Parade WiregrassAt Wiregrass Mall every year, Macy’s has put together a parade to mimic that of the larger NY Macy’s Day Parade. Here in Tampa, however, we get to use entertainers and decor from YTE Events and Balloon Decor. Here photographed is a photo of one of our stilt walkers and entertainers who walked in the parade. Amanda, pictured here, wore red and white and carried a large candy cane staff as well. Topped with the white and red santa hat, she was a stilt walker that many of the guests remembered from the parade as she took photos with them afterward. Stilt walkers are always a great addition to parades and other special events where the goal is to make an impact with the audience.