Tampa Balloon Twister

Why a Tampa Balloon Twister for my event?

Balloon twister getting ready for an event in Tampa FloridaEveryone loves balloon animals! Here we make balloon animals but can also provide so much more with our entertainment packages, balloon décor options, and entertainment choices. Let us bring a smile to your face as we engineer smiles for your guests throughout the Greater Tampa Bay area.

We want your event to be memorable, exciting, colorful, and fun so that your friends and loved ones will remember it and compliment you on such an awesome event for years to come. They will have experiences, photos, and memories. With all of that, pure joy and happiness!

We have three different types of balloon twisters for your event. We have the standard, advanced, and master balloon artist. They each vary a little in what they do, how fast they can twist, how much they can entertain, and how long they have been twisting at events. We recognize that not everyone needs the master balloon artist, but we also know that some want to make sure they are providing top of the line entertainment for their guests too. So, we have choices for any scenario.

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Premier Master Balloon Artists (approximately 14+ sculptures/hour)

Balloon Twisting at an event with great Tampa balloon bender
This entertainer can create themed characters or shapes for your guests. Our balloon artists use a complete line of the most superb balloon product, allowing them to make more detailed and intricate shapes not found with your average Tampa balloon guy. As they have been twisting for the longest, they can handle almost any type of entertainment situation and can entertain while they do it. A master balloon artist is also great for adult events too as they are much more seasoned and capable of handling a completely older crowd. They are often hired at birthday parties for the children and are requested to stay longer so that the adults can receive balloons too! If you are looking for wow, you’ve found it!

Advanced Balloon Artists (approximately 18+ sculptures/hour)

The Advanced artist is still very skilled and capable of making nearly any balloon shape requested. They can usually make smaller versions of princesses and smaller versions of the motorcycles, helicopters, and dinosaurs that the master balloon artist would blow people away with. This is a great middle of the road choice for those looking for a little bit of wow with a little less cost. They are still better than most entertainers in the Tampa area and you are sure to get someone to make you happy. This artist is great for nearly any event as they are equally fast and talented. They are family friendly and great when then are adults and children to entertain.

Standard Balloon Artist from Tampa (approximately 16+ sculptures/hour)

She loves making balloon animals in Tampa Festivals and eventsBalloon Artists are great indoors or outdoors at any event where you want to make a visually stunning impression on those attending. This package is focused on speed and simplicity. Though the standard artist is often slower than one of the more seasoned entertainers above, they create more simple shapes and can get to more children as the event continues. Most of their shapes are 1-3 balloons each and we say they “don’t make famous balloons” because they tend to make monkeys instead of Curious George, robots instead of R2D2, and princesses instead of Cinderella. They are best suited for entertaining children. If you have a larger number of guests you would like to reach during your event, you can have an advanced balloon artist make simpler shapes and they can get to even more party guests!

Why use us for your Tampa Balloon Twisting needs?

No matter which entertainer you choose for your event, this is their full-time job! They know what they are doing, are professional, and love adding value to events of all kinds. YTE Events and Balloon Décor is the absolute largest balloon related company in the Greater Tampa Bay area and our staff routinely are asked to train other balloon twisters in the state and surrounding areas. So, we know we are the best at what we do. With a dedication to professionalism, we will show up at your event and we will all have a great time!

What do the balloon twisters look like that head out to the event?

All of the photos on this page are from balloon twisters and entertainers in the Tampa area who we have had sent out to an event or festival. All of them show a great variety of costumes and setups that show what might be typical of a balloon twister or entertainer that may come out to your event. Yes, we do have other entertainers as well and their costumes may vary, but they are always professionally dressed and ready to entertain at any of your Tampa events!

Tampa Balloon Artist at birthday party for private events


  • This is their full-time job. They’re good at it.
  • Dedication to professionalism. We show up. On time!
  • You get an entertainment coordinator for your event.
  • Prices are reasonable, and we have options for all budgets.
  • Our staff is easy to reach for any reason.
  • Replies are typically with 8 hours or less!
  • We do all around great work!
  • We are local to the Tampa area.

Do you have more questions?

Please feel free to contact us via our event request form for more information. Thank you for considering YTE Events and Balloon Décor for your Tampa event. We know your event is important to you and we are honored to have your business and will do our best to make sure you and your guests have a phenomenal experience.

What goes well with balloon twisting?

balloon hat and balloon sword with balloon artist at Rays Baseball Game Tampa Bay Very popular combinations include face painting, stilt walking, magic, juggling, or even just balloon decorations for your event. If you have another option or request, please let us know. We have a huge list of entertainers and options available to us that have not quite made it to the website yet. We would be happy to talk to you more about what we can do special for your event.

Who in Tampa have you worked with before?

    • Tampa Bay Rays
    • Tampa Bay Lightning
    • Boar’s Head, Publix
    • St. Pete Yacht Club
    • Oxford Exchange
    • Eckerd Community Alternatives
    • Verizon, McDonalds
  • Florida Hospital
  • It Works Marketing
  • University of South Florida
  • Clear Channel Outdoor
  • Tampa JCC
  • Top Golf
  • Macy’s
  • Hands of Hope
  • Wounded Warrior Project
  • Ideal Image
  • Buddy Baseball
  • University Mall
  • Citrus Park Mall
  • Johnny Rockets
  • Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
  • Children’s Cancer Center
  • Tampa Marriott Waterside
  • Florida Destinations and Incentives
  • Grand Hampton
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Glazier Children’s Museum
  • MOSI
  • Berkeley Prep
  • and tons of private events and functions!

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