Frequently Asked Questions

We offer nearly anything made out of balloons. Since our team trains balloon artists from all over the world, we are on the cutting edge of balloon decor designs and techniques and are able to make nearly anything out of balloons.

Once you complete an event request form at then we are able to reply with our common pricing guide. Once we know what you want, we will send you a quote which you can approve online. Once the deposit is paid, you are on the calendar and we are good to go. We will set up a specific time for delivery of your balloon decorations and then we will also set up a breakdown or strike time for your decor as well. Once we have all that established, there is nothing else to worry about. We take care of the rest!

In most cases, the earlier the better. Since there have been issues getting balloons delivered from some of the manufacturers, it is important to book your event decor early. We suggest a minimum of two weeks, but have been trying to encourage clients to book at least 2 months out whenever possible. Even last minute events can occasionally be accommodated with stock on hand, but options will be limited.

Prices vary based on what your are ordering, the specifics related to delivery times and the delivery vehicle, and even the time of day or night when we need to deliver. That said, most of our clients are purchasing decor packages in the ranges of $500 – $5,000 each. Some have purchased packages in the $20,000 – $50,000 range, but that is by no means the every day order.

We certainly do! If you are not a member of our email list, it is really important to be a part of that list in order to get all the latest deals and discounts sent directly to your inbox. When we have a new technique we want to try or when we have an excess of staff in the office looking for work, we often will offer a flash discount or sale of balloon decor as well. So, you never know when you might luck out and get something at a super bargain!

With all of our balloon decor packages, we include the balloons and materials made to create your design and we also include free rental of most of the equipment used to keep your design in place. We also will charge for delivery, staging, setup, strike, breakdown, and cleanup. However, we mush all these into two separate line items of “delivery” and “breakdown”. Each of those two line items include all of the additional services related to them. We do this to keep things simple while pricing events and so that you are not caught with any additional fees afterwards.

We certainly do! You can see a ton of our photos in the balloon decor galleries. We also have included a few of our favorites below.

Balloon decor will last various amounts of time based on what exactly it is and where it is located. As a general rule, helium is only expected to last for a single day. Air-filled latex can last up to 24 hours outside and up to 3 weeks indoors. Foil balloons have a slightly longer life span outdoors and can survive as much as a year indoors with the correct conditions.

The average cost of a professional balloon decorator is $500 – $5,000 and could potentially be more if you are having a larger event.
The average cost of a balloon arch is $250 – $500.
The average cost of a balloon bouquet is $75 – $225.
The average cost of a balloon column is $125 – $250.
The average cost of a balloon drop is $750 – $5,000.
The average cost of a balloon garland is $200 – $750.
The average cost of a balloon sculpture is $200 – $1200.
The average cost of a balloon wall is $375 – $2,500.
The average cost of a custom balloon design is $225 – $5,000.
The average cost of a balloon release is $500 – $1,500, but most balloon decorators will no longer do releases due to environmental concerns.

As we care very much about the environment, we try to use as few balloons as we need to in order to accomplish the look of the event you are going for. This can mean that we are using 10 large 3 foot helium balloons on custom ribbons or we might use a collection of 50,000 balloons for a themed walk-through venue install where we re-create a whimsical location out of balloons. Some of the standardized balloon sculptures are as follows:

A standard 5 foot column takes 37 balloons.
A standard 20 foot balloon arch takes 156 balloons.
A Standard 7 balloon bouquet can take 17 balloons once you include the base.

The larger the balloons are, the longer their life will be in most cases. So, we try to use larger balloons whenever we can. Even when we have smaller balloons in a display, we are often using the larger sizes of balloons, but with less air in them so that they appear smaller. This helps with longevity and quality of the final product.

We arrange our balloons in all types of ways. Sometimes we do something classic where the balloons are lined up in even rows. Sometimes we go more organic where the balloons seem to be in all kinds of different locations and sizes with no real patterns. Sometimes we even arrange the balloons so that they make shapes or sculptures. You might have a heart, someone’s name, or even a company logo made out balloons.

Once you complete an event request form at then we are able to reply with our common pricing guide. Once we know what you want, we will send you a quote which you can approve online. Once the deposit is paid, you arOur target market is not set in stone, but we often are doing balloon decor for corporate clients or for events where theming and consistency are important. We run our company professionally and have tremendous skill at what we do. So, when you are wanting quality that you can trust, we are the go-to company for all things related to balloon decor. (And even event entertainment.)e on the calendar and we are good to go. We will set up a specific time for delivery of your balloon decorations and then we will also set up a breakdown or strike time for your decor as well. Once we have all that established, there is nothing else to worry about. We take care of the rest!

When it comes to custom balloon decor and arrangements, no one can match our level of knowledge or experience in the industry. We have installed in more locations, overcome more rigging challenges, and have solved more problems than anyone else that does what we do. Because of that, our bag of tricks and techniques is huge and we are able to solve nearly any problem that may arise. That takes any headache or stress off our clients and makes us super easy to work with. Anyone that might otherwise be considered our competitor is actually on our team. When we need a dress made of balloons, we hire the best in the industry. When we need a sculpture made completely of foils, we know who to use for that too. When we have an installation for a stadium that hangs from the catwalks, we have you covered there too. If you’re looking for something that somehow we don’t do, we are more than happy to let you know and to point you in the direction of the best we know.

There are many talented balloon decorators all across the country, but the top cutting-edge decorators are typically teaching at the industry conventions. Jonathan Fudge who works with us has been teaching at Balloon Boss Summit for over 4 years now and has also taught at Twist and Shout, Diamond Jam, Southeast Clown Association, Kapital Kidvention, The Balloon Workshop, The Fellowship of Christian Magicians, and many other industry related conventions as well. We take pride in knowing that one of our top artists is out there training and sharing with others from all over the world.

Our lead designer, Jonathan Fudge, was taught by Linda Kiss who is a long-time award winning balloon decorator and who has taught other balloon artists from all over the world. Additionally, Jonathan has taken continuing education classes at many of the top balloon decor conventions such as FLOAT, World Balloon, Ballooniversity and many others. When it comes to balloon education, few can match or even get close to the amount of classes or hours Jonathan has put into his education and continued learning.

There are so many places where balloon decor can be used. We have done pieces for birthday parties, weddings, corporate events, trade shows, and even funerals. There is no event too big or too small that would not benefit from a little added balloon decoration.

Balloon supplies used to be easier to get and we would grab everything we needed from a single supplier. Nowadays we are having to search and source balloons and other materials from all over the world in some cases for specific items we may need for decorating at events. We do our absolute best to order as locally as possible to help limit any negative footprint on the environment we may cause. We start locally and work our way out as needed.

We had our staff attend a paid workshop to learn the basics and then we teach most of them in house afterward with knowledge and skills Jonathan has picked up from various balloon conventions and trainings from across his travels. If you wanted to learn some basics, you could attend a convention like Ballooniversity or could even try finding a video on YouTube or TikTok with varying success.

We love pulling inspiration from other event-related industries, the world of art, and even from some of those otherwise crazy patterns on the floors of hotels. Inspiration can come from anywhere, but we especially love when we get to pull ideas and designs from outside the world of balloons. That tends to give us the most unique and beautiful designs.

This really depends on what you are building. We like to see bouquets of 3, 7, 9, or 21 balloons as they tend to look visually appealing.

You can! In fact, we prefer to make our centerpieces without helium.

Whether is was in 1976 for Elijah’s birthday celebration (check out our facts above!) or later, there is no denying that balloons have become more and more popular in recent years. We think balloons are just fun and exciting on their own. So, it only makes sense that people want to have more balloons around.

Classic decor is a term used within the industry to describe some of the first designs ever created of balloons for decorations. These include bouquets, columns, arches, and centerpieces. Specifically, these are ones which use consistent and equal sizing for each of the balloons in the design. The newer designs with different sized balloons would be considered ‘organic’ balloon decor and would not fit into the same category. Similarly, anything that is a sculpture would not be considered classic either.

That is a great question. Many long-time decorators do not know what the draw to organic designs are from. We think it is because it is different and allows for so many more combinations and ideas that just were not working in some of the classic balloon designs.

We love unique things with balloons. Some of our favorites are adding balloon decor to poles of outdoor tents, decorating the drop ceilings in an office complex, or even building giant sculptures out of balloons for parade routes or festivals.

Well, if you live in Central Florida we are available for you to hire directly. So, that makes things really easy. If you are elsewhere, we also have tons of connections and partnerships with balloon decorators all over the United States and Canada which we would be able to get you in contact with for your event. Even better, we know which of those artists are continuing their education and learning more. So, we can help you find people who are most qualified for decorating your event space.

We absolutely can make a day delivery at any time and on any day of the week. As any event planner or wedding planner would know, events happy at all times and on every day of the year. There is no day off for event decor or entertainment. So, we are always ready with someone able to help build and deliver your custom balloon sculpture. Birthday party decorators tend to work more on the weekends. Wedding decorators work the weekends and through holidays. Corporate event planners tend to work during the week days. We work all of those events, and more. So, we are always available to deliver whether you’re looking for a balloon teddy bear or a full themed set of balloon event decorations.

You can find party companies and birthday party decorators almost anywhere. To find balloon decorations for birthday parties or balloon decoration deliveries near you, you will need to attend some birthday parties. That helps if you have children and are going to more of these types of events. However, you can also see balloon decor at corporate events, fairs, festivals, or even at your local Home Depot or Lowes as they often will have balloon decor up and decorating their floor to highlight sales and promotions.

We have been hired for corporate trade shows, grand openings, awards banquets, galas, customer appreciation events, fundraisers, and even employee appreciation days. Human resources (HR) absolutely loves us as we can take the hassle of them decorating themselves and we can also provide entertainment for their events on occasion as well.

We can deliver for any occasion, big or small. So, if you just want birthday balloons for delivery or if you want something simple for your small event, we can help. We actually have a small team that loves to focus on themed birthday decoration services. So, it might be right up their alley for small event decor. Just give us a call or complete our request form for a free quote.