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We made it!

Adopt a Grandparent balloon buddy tampa florida liftthemup With all the craziness this past year, many of our dearest loved ones have been unable to spend time with their families.


We recognize this and are working to provide a way for all of us to honor our seniors and to share some love with our #AdoptAGrandparent campaign.


Simply click on the photo to learn more. For each person you adopt, we will deliver a balloon delivery to a nursing home to share some love.


We are trying to get as many of these out as possible. This is an act of love and service to out community and we would love to get these to as many people as we can.


You can also directly donate at the link below. If you want to know more, you can also click here for the webpage to see updates.


Amazon Peak Week

If you’ve ordered something from amazon, chances are we decorated at the facility you received your package from. An amazing team, we are always astounded with their efficiency.

Last event of 2021

The Library in St. Petersburg was one of the last events of 2021 for us and we had such a blast installing this arch. This was taken before furniture was moved and the event set up, but we loved the blue!

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The Vocalitas at NACE Event

We are happy to announce that Jonathan Fudge (one of the big wigs here at YTE) was just voted secretary at NACE and was invited to a social gathering where he saw the Vocalitas performing on stage.

Private Life Awesomeness

Little Emmy is 2 years old now and absolutely LOVED her Christmas this year. There was so much to do and she was super adorable the whole time. Nothing was as cute as the bubbles though. So, we thought we’d share.

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Corporate Decorations

We love decorating for corporate clients and miss it more than anything. We were so happy to have been able to put together some decor for Camping World over the past week. We absolutely love our customers!

Wedding Shower

For this event, we only took a photo of the balloon bouquets we dropped off for this shower as it was scheduled for later in the day. These were made to accent a few different locations at the event and had 11 and 13 balloons, respectively.

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