Willy the Wombat puppet preps orange, blue, and white balloons Willy the Wombat puppet inflates white balloons Willy the Wombat puppet pbreaking down balloons

Willy the Wombat is a new recruit of ours who has been far exceeding our expectations and pitching in wherever he gets the chance! From inflating balloons and prepping decor pieces to time to breakdown, he’s no slacker! Originally from Australia, Willy the Wombat was introduced to YTE Events during a mutual event that took place at The Homeschool Hive, LLC. in Tampa. Emmy, a recruiter from YTE found him and decided that he absolutely needed to join the crew. We are so glad he accepted our offer! He recently started working with us full time and we are absolutely excited to have him as a part of the team. He doesn’t talk much, but he gives great hugs! When he’s not working he likes to take naps, sniff new things, and he absolutely loves making new friends. We can’t wait to see what he helps us accomplish in the future! Meet the rest of our team here!