Balloon and Entertainment Prices

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Balloon Decor Prices

How much does balloon decor cost?

Shows examples of classic balloon decor, specifically standard column, classic bouquet, standard air-filled arch, and string of pearls helium arch

The prices of balloon decor varies based on what it is you are looking for. We have a series of price lists at the bottom of this page with price breakdowns on some of the most common balloon decor elements. Though it would be nice to just have a simple answer, many balloon decor companies actually have spreadsheets and balloon decor calculators to determine the costs associated with an event. Aside from the balloons and labor, there is also technique, travel and other specialty equipment to consider. As much as I wish I could just give you a balloon calculator for arches, the average cost of balloon garland can vary.

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What is Classic Balloon Decor?

The most common pieces of decor are going to revolve around what we in the industry term “classic balloon decor.” Classic balloon decor included the simple column, the air-filled balloon arch, the helium string of pearls arch, and the balloon bouquet or delivery. These types of balloon decorations are uniform in how they are created and are much more simple to price. Most decorators have a formula for how they price these items. Even though a company may say there is a flat cost for a single door arch or a double door arch, that price was usually derived from the garland price per foot. In other words, how much does it cost in materials and time to create the sculpture when broken down to a per foot measurement? All you need to know is how much does a balloon garland cost? Prices for standard garland for a standard air-filled balloon arch or a regular balloon column can vary between $10 to $20 per linear foot, depending on what part of the country you are in.

How much does an organic demi-arch balloon garland cost?

Most popular lately would be the organic balloon decor that is all over pinterest, instagram, and facebook. As there are literally limitless types of organic decor that can be created, this is probably the most difficult to price. For most companies that you contact about pricing, they will be very frustrating to speak with as they will ask you questions that may seem irrelevant, but that are very important when trying to write a quote for balloon garland at your event. The cost of balloon garland for organic decor is not the same as the classic decor discussed above. At YTE Events and Balloon Decor, we do our best to make this conversation as simple as possible. We have created a series of pricing sheets to help. Here is an example of an organic balloon decor pricing sheet that we have used in the past. It covers prices for traditional garland as well as basic, intermediate, and advanced level organic styles. It even mentions the organic made with full foil balloons or with special custom colors from double stuffing the balloons (a technique used by balloon decorators to get a closer color match to themed events).

Are there other things in balloon decor?

Of course there are! There are tons of other things that can be priced. Balloon drops, centerpieces, walls, yard numbers, custom sculptures, and even parade balloons are an option. If you want to know the cost of centerpieces or other specialty items, you will likely have to tell the balloon decor designer what it is you are looking for. At YTE Events and Balloon Decor, they can create anything out of balloons. So, feel free find photos online or to search through pinterest for a great balloon decor board. Send in the photo of the items you like and we can price out specific decor pieces for you. Until then, here is a list of our most common balloon decor prices. As with anything, these prices can change and you will need to fill out the balloon decor event request form for a most updated list of pricing and a custom quote.

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Standard Balloon Column Prices

A large variety of designs, toppers, and color combinations to choose from. This covers most balloon columns that we send out.

Different fees for different sized Balloon Arches

These come in 3 main sizes. For simplicity, we sell them in “door sizes” As it makes the most sense to book them based on their application. That said, custom options are always available.
20 linear feet Single Door Balloon Arch $300
30 linear feet Double Door Balloon Arch $450
40 linear feet Oversized Balloon Arch $600

What is the price of Balloon Drops

These are really cool and super popular for New years Eve. If you want to know how much a balloon drop costs, it can vary on bad and balloon size. To keep things simple, we charge by the foot. Just let us know where the balloon drops are going so that we can figure out if there are any things to consider when pricing because of rigging constraints.

How much are Exploding Balloon Drops

If you want something not offered anywhere else, than this is the way to go. It is a super cool effect where balloons are placed on the ceiling as decor and then they explode at the correct moment of the event, dropping hundreds of small balloons around the room!

How much does it costs to have giant balloon Yard Numbers

This are the over-sized balloon numbers that go into your yard for a birthday or special event.
$225 per number

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How much is a balloon wall?

Shows the balloon wall price sheet with 4 different types of balloon walls and their prices

This is another one of those crazy questions that could be very simple or could be super difficult. Just a wall can be cheap balloon decor or it can be an elaborate and elegant balloon build costing a premium price. Below is a chart we send to clients asking about the average price of a balloon wall. It is a balloon price guide that covers four different types of balloon walls and their price per square foot.
Simple balloon wall is example 1 at $7 per square foot
A filled balloon wall is example 2 at $11 per square foot
The pseudo-organic balloon wall is example 3 at $15 per square foot
The full organic balloon wall is example 4 at $22+ per square foot

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For a sake of having more information for you guys, I went ahead and added the parade balloon ideas and the back to school price sheet we did at the end of summer 2019. Enjoy the balloon pricing charts below! And if you want to book any of the entertainment or balloon decorations from YTE, please use the contact form to get ahold of us. We will be happy to price out any balloon decor you may need for your event.

price lists for parade balloon options to walk in parade or to have on a parade float
Parade Balloon Decor Ideas
back to school balloon decor flyer for prices for balloon decorations for back to school events
Decorations price list for back to school events

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Where to buy balloon decor?

That is where we come in! We would absolutely love to help provide balloon decor for your event. Corporate picnics, trade shows, birthday parties, weddings, school functions, and even fundraisers are super popular places to include balloons. Just let us know how we can help.

If you would like to book YTE Events and Balloon Decor for your event, please fill out the event request form to get more information on how you can have balloon decor for your event. We are happy to quote custom prices for custom balloon decor requests and we serve all of central florida with balloon decor and entertainment. We can also provide balloon decor nationally as well. Do you have a bunch of different events you are having to get decorators for? Call YTE Events and we can help organize the balloon decorations at every venue for you. Less headache, better quality, and we have a history of serving some great clients. Give us a call and we will be happy to share more. Or just fill out the event request form and we will have someone get back to you. All the best!

If you are still curious what is balloon decor, please feel free to check out our balloon decor gallery link located at the top of this page. It shows all kinds of decor options divided by the different classifications they fall into. So, arches are in one section, centerpieces in another, organic sculptures by themselves, and so forth.