Cinderella sculpture and prince charming sculpture for baby shower in front of arch organic tapered decorations over cake tableNothing says little princess like a cinderella story princess themed baby shower. For this event, we decorated the area around the cake table with a beautiful organic tapered baby blue and silver arch. This twenty-five foot balloon arch was flanked on either side by a full size six foot tall sculpture of cinderella and her prince charming.

As people entered the event, the first thing that caught there eye was this massive piece over the cake table. It became a photo opportunity, a point of focus, and even a point of discussion during the event. The pieces were so much fun, that everyone seemed to absolutely love them. The regal feel of having Cinderella and her Prince at the event really helped to set the baby shower theme above and beyond.

Cinderella Princess Baby Shower Cake Under the arch was placed a gorgeous Cinderella cake with a glass slipper topper. Adorned with blue roses and additional table decorations, the cake looked fantastic in its setting.

In addition to the cake, there were ‘forget-me-not’ cookies custom made by mother-in-law of mom and there were delicious flavored macaroons for guests to munch on while they were trying to satisfy their sweet tooth waiting for cake cutting time.

Not pictured, there were gluten-free chocolate cupcakes, sandwiches, chips, salsa, buffalo chicken dip, a fruit tray, veggie platter, and even a grab bag of twizzlers one of the guests thought would be a fun addition to the array of food set out for everyone.

Cinderella themed event for baby shower and centerpiece for guests of honor

One of the coolest pieces of decor for the event included an antique chest filled with spools of sewing thread, a stuffed animal version of Gus-Gus from the Cinderella movie, and a few other small additions. Once the party started, there was a photo of father and mother in front and then some children’s books in the back highlighting the theme of the event.

Mother and father were both surprised by this little royal addition to their event and absolutely loved the centerpiece. By using books from their childhood and photos of themselves, it really helped bring the baby shower decor home for them and made it much more enjoyable than other types of possibly store-bought decor.

Cinderella baby shower diaper cake and gift table

The gift and card table before the start of the event was absolutely gorgeous. There was a diaper cake topped with a cinderella topper, princess-worthy birds holding up a display of infant clothes, and even a bookshelf ready to start their daughter on her way to being a new addition to the family.

It didn’t take long for this display to become overrun with lucious gifts, more diapers than you can imagine, and a whole library of children’s books that can be read to the little princess once she is born.

All in all, the princess themed baby shower went great! There was a decent mixture of hand-made items, purchased decor, and balloon decorations to help add to all the fun. Whenever we finish an event like this, it always amazes us just how much a simple square room can be transformed into a masterful piece of artwork fit for a queen.

If you would like to see how we can help decorate for your royal princess baby shower, please contact us on our event request form. We’d be happy to help your cinderella story come true too!

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