Box Gender Reveal for eventGender reveals are becoming popular. These parties announce the gender of the baby to family and friends in creative ways. Many couples decide to cut a cake and the cake color will reveal the gender, but here at YTE Events & Balloon Decor we believe that balloons are a fun and creative alternative. A simple cardboard box can be decorated and inside we place floating balloons, which upon opening the box will float above everyone to reveal the gender. Our balloon artists can work with your secret keeper to ensure the correct color balloon is placed in the box. In the case of boy and girl twins, both colors can be used. If you plan on announcing the birth of twins to everyone, our artists can work with you on ideas on how to announce this special occasion in style. The look of surprise on the parent’s to be faces are definitely a picture perfect moment.

Once the gender is revealed, the balloons can be used to take photos of the parents to be or with guests. In addition, YTE Events & Balloon Decor can deck out your party in color coordinated baby bottles made of balloons or even balloon archways to complete the atmosphere of the gender reveal party. These events are fun for everyone and we can ensure your guests are wowed and excited for the baby to be!

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