The Start Of Something Wonderful – Demi Arch For Baby Shower

The coming of a new life is always a reason to celebrate. Baby showers are a time to gather friends and loved ones, and celebrate this momentous occasion with cheer, laughter, and hope for the coming newborn’s health.

This demi-arch was made for a baby shower held at the Dewey Restaurant inside the Berkeley Beach Club in St. Pete Beach. It was placed in a plaza outside the restaurant, where partygoers could gather in the sunny weather outside.

Made from pastel blue balloons, this demi-arch spirals upwards. Differing sizes of pastel blue balloons were used to create visual contrast and catch the eye’s interest. The custom color of blue was achieved by double-stuffing balloons of different colors to get a color that was not readily available on the market. Gold chrome balloons accent the spiral, further drawing the eye up through the sculpture. The chrome-like finish of the gold pairs well with the blue, creating a regal finish to the piece.

We were thrilled to be part of this experience. A new family member means more wonderful times to be had together!

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