We thought we’d take a trip around the world and mention some of the unique foods used in celebration of birthdays.

Birthday Cake in the USA
Though most of our readers already know this one, Americans tend to eat their fill of birthday cake and cupcakes on their special day here in the US. This sweet treat helps to ring in the new year with some fun, excitement, and a little extra sugar.

Longevity Noodles in China
In China, the birthday child may or may not get cake. Nevertheless, he or she is almost assured of eating long, skinny noodles commonly referred to as longevity noodles. These hearty, chewy and satisfying noodles are part of almost every birthday celebration in China. They are mostly wheat noodles, but the preparation varies from household to household.
The longevity noodles allude to the long life that the celebrant will have. However, different traditions accompany the eating of the noodles. In some households, guests wish the birthday child good fortune while picking longevity noodles from their bowls into the celebrant’s bowl. Other households simply hold the noodles with their chopsticks and admire their incredible length.

Miyeok Guk In Korea
A typical birthday breakfast in Korea comprises of seaweed soup; the miyeok guk. It also is party of the traditional birthday meal where is it served alongside rice cakes and other foods. There, however, is a very powerful reason behind the miyeok guk delicacy being served during Korean birthdays. It is eaten as a way of appreciation to the birthday honoree’s mother for providing the child with nutrition and sustenance during pregnancy and infancy. As such, the meal is prepared from a mussel based broth. Clam, oyster, beef and anchovy may also be used as broth.

Fairy Bread in Australia and New Zealand
Aussie kids probably have the most sugar-filled birthday bashes on earth today. This is courtesy of the fairy bread. The tradition of serving fairy bread goes way back to the 1920s. In fact, it wouldn’t be a proper birthday there if fairy bread is not served. The treats are fundamentally white bread buttered with margarine or butter and then garnished with sweet hundreds and thousands as well as lots of sprinkles. The bread is then cut into four triangular shapes.
Well, a birthday is worth celebrating. Therefore, no matter what is served, be sure to eat your way into a joyous, fulfilling life.

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