Mia fourth birthday yard art balloon decor installation pink purple lilac silver

Mia’s 4th birthday was celebrated inside her home during quarantine. To let the neighborhood know that it was her special day to celebrate, her parents had some balloon decor delivered. We did not take photos inside the home to respect the families wishes, but they did allow us to take this photo so that we could also remember this special day.

This party stake is a trending new piece of yard art with balloon decor that has become super popular with families as they begin to celebrate events with drive-by guests. These are fantastic ways to show people in the neighborhood where you are celebrating. It also helps invited friends and family find your home with ease.

Mia had the typical 4 year old girls birthday party complete with pink princesses, purple dragons, and knights in shining armor. This simplified piece of yard art tied in fantastically with the balloon decor elsewhere in the home.

If you are celebrating, big or small, make sure you have some sort of display at your home to help the world know that special things are still going on. Birthdays are not canceled. Let’s celebrate together!

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