Birthday balloons and foils are always changing, so here are a few photos to give you some ideas of what we have in stock. These are great to add into bouquets, yard art, or mailbox toppers. If you have any questions about availability, please fill our our event request form and mention the number and letter of the balloons you are interested in getting for your event. These are specifically for birthdays. We have other themed options as well. For a complete list of availability, it is always best to ask via our contact form. Click here for prices on our most common yard art displays.


Three Pages of Happy Birthday foil balloons that you can use for our Yard Stake Displays!

Just find a style you like and let us know via our contact form!


Happy Birthday Foil Balloons Generic Options

This first page is a collection of more of our generic balloon options for birthdays. These are fun, colorful, and exciting. Most of these balloons (like many on this page) are around 18 inches. There are round foil balloons as well as pillow-shaped square balloon foils. There are many options to choose from. So, please be sure to let us know your favorites. The quickest way to get a quote is to contact us via our contact form. These can be added to a delivery as an air filled add-on for $15 or a helium filled add-on for $20 each.
Happy Birthday Foil Balloon Options Over the Hill and Teen

Page two of our balloon foil options contain a “teen” section as well as our over the hill section of birthday messages. These messages can be great for anyone though. So, please feel free to look over them and see if any match what you are looking for! These can be added to a delivery as an air filled add-on for $15 or a helium filled add-on for $20 each.
Happy Birthday Foil Balloon Options male and female

The third page specifically focuses on a set of feminine birthday balloons and then a set of masculine balloon options too. When you have a guy in your life with an upcoming birthday who likes hunting, fishing, or tractors… This is the set to pick from! Some of the balloons in these sets are also able to be used for anyone. So, please don’t feel restricted by the categories we’ve put them into. These can be added to a delivery as an air filled add-on for $15 or a helium filled add-on for $20 each.


Happy Birthday Phrase Balloons Silver All the pages have a “Happy Birthday” phrase on them as well. This is a 70 inch phrase that is great between yard stakes or can be hung on a wall. This fun message is referred to as “Phrase1” in our inventory. This is an air-filled design and will not float (even with helium) due to its shape and size. So, please be sure to let us know if you are interested in it as well. This can be added to an order or delivery for $25 each. (Must order at least 2 yard stakes of any size for this upgrade.)


We are also able to make custom phrases out of our 14 inch letters and numbers. These letters and numbers can be added to nearly any order and are for air-filled only as they will not float with helium. The custom 14 inch letters and numbers can be added to an order at $10 per letter/number. The 13 letter phrase “Happy Birthday” would be $130 in these letters, but it would be much larger of a display.


Yard Art Displays come in a few different sizes and are priced based on height and the types of balloons used. Any one of the round or square foil balloons above can be added to a yard art display as pictured below with no additional fee. “Happy Birthday” and other custom phrases are priced as mentioned above. If you would like additional rounds or square foils added to a yard art display, those can be added at the air-filled prices mentioned above as well. We will find ways to attach them to the yard stakes.

Happy Birthday Yard Display Samples For Tampa Florida Website

These are just a few of the options we can put together for your birthday display. Featured from left to right, we show a number of combinations. The first combination is a set of small yard stakes ($35 each) with a “Happy Birthday” phrase in between them. Before delivery, this set of items would come to $95. This is a very popular option and is the shortest of the options that we have available. The next two poles shown are yard delivery examples of our medium sized yard stakes. These are $45 each. However, the second example with the motorcycle happy birthday balloon has a 6 added to it in our 14 inch foil numbers. This would be an additional $10 and would put this balloon yard display at $55 before any delivery cost. The final yard stake shown is a large yard stake that has one of our large 32″ foil numbers. This stake is $55 before delivery. If there were a delivery in double digits, we can offer two stakes, or we can add a second number to this pole for $25. Either way, it makes for a gorgeous display for the front of someone’s yard and is sure to brighten their day.

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