Birthday Party Favor Ideas Guests will Remember

Birthday Party Favors and activities

Party favors are one of the best areas to help your guests remember your party and leave with a smile. Not to mention it can be a lot of fun to showcase your creativity and style. Often when people think of party favors they think of bags of candy almonds or goodie bags for children, but really party favors can be a lot more than that. They can be fun and whimsical or fancy and elegant. This article will hopefully share with you a few ideas for party favors that you can use for you next upcoming party.

Customized Candy Wrappers –

Fits almost any theme and any type of party. You can order these from many different sites online or print them out yourself. I created my own and printed them out for my wedding and I can’t say how many compliments we received from them.

Mixed CDs –

Take some of your favorite songs and burn them on CDs for your guests. It’s something unique and will last long after the party is over. You can even add a printed label to match the theme of the party too.

Spices –

Many spice stores have wonderful and delicious (and often salt free) spice mixes that are unique and fun to share.


For children you don’t always have to give candy. Play dough is a great choice.

Flowers or Plants –

Boys, girls, adults, almost everyone would enjoy taking home a little cactus or plant.

Frisbees –

Fun for children and teenagers alike.

Mugs –

You can fill them with fancy tea bags, cocoa mixes, even small packages of flavored coffee. They also are great to hold candy, chocolates, or gift certificates.

Surprise Ball of Yarn –

If you have a small party favor like a toy or ring you could wrap it up in brightly colored yarn – making a fist sized ball or bigger. Then your guests will have fun making a mess and unraveling what is inside. This can also be turned into a game where the first person holds onto the end and then everyone takes turns tossing it back and forth between one another as it unravels.

Chocolate Dipped Anything –

Pretzels, cookies, strawberries, orange wedges, or even marshmallows.

Balloons –

Many balloon artists and entertainers can make balloons at an event to entertain, but they can also make sculptures ahead of time to be given away to guests. So, whether it be entertainment or a delivery piece, balloons can be a great gift to give for almost any occasion. Use our contact form if you’d like a balloon twister or other type of entertainer at your event.

Be creative and have fun. Your favors should reflect your birthday theme and how you want your party to look, but also your desire to sincerely thank each guest for coming.

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