Themed birthday parties are some of our favorite events. YTE Events & Balloon Decor has had the privilege of decorating many events this year, but perhaps one of the most fun was this dinosaur themed birthday party. Our balloon artists created an organic balloon garland that draped over the focal point of the event, the desert table. Dark green and blue balloons were used to match the table clothes and the cake decoration to give it a tropical feel. Foil balloons in the shape of dinosaurs were also filled with helium to float above the table. Silver and metallic blue number and letter balloons were used for the birthday boy’s age and initials. Everything matched perfectly and the smile on the birthday boy’s face was enough to melt our hearts.

Balloon decorations for themed events can take many forms. For this birthday party, many different balloon decorations were utilized to create a fun focal point for the event. Organic balloon garlands are perfect for flanking stages or backdrops because they can be made to flow with any existing structure. Foil balloons are great at making a big impact and come in many different forms. Letters and numbers are great for spelling out graduation years, anniversaries, and ages. All the letters of the alphabet are available so any message, large or small, can be spelled out in balloons! Contact YTE Events & Balloon Decor today to let us create the perfect balloon solutions for your big event.

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