I have been to more face painting gigs for birthdays than I care to remember. Every party I go to has something unique about it. Last Saturday I happened to be at Kiki’s 9th birthday party. It was a small friends-only affair. Kiki’s mom had booked me for the entire event. Given that the guests there were not many, I had a rare opportunity to interact with the kids there.

Kiki loved pandas; her birthday was panda-themed. The panda cake was adorable and don’t even get me started on the super-delicious panda-themed cupcakes. Her mom was a decoration goddess; her panda-themed decorations were out of this world. I knew that the birthday party would be panda-themed so I came locked and loaded, ready to pull off amazing panda-themed face designs.

My designs sure did surpass all expectations. I wowed the kids and adults there beyond imagination. Everyone was super-thrilled. As I mentioned, it was a small party. I am easy-going and great at interacting with children. After everyone had had their fill of almost everything at the party, Kiki came to me and asked me to show her how I worked my magic with the brush.

Well, at first I was like, “I am a magic, and the rules of magic strictly forbid me from revealing my super magical face painting tricks to beautiful girls like you.” This didn’t deter the little angel at all. In fact, she rallied some of her besties, and soon everyone at the party was literally begging me to show them how to face paint.

I didn’t see any good reason why I couldn’t give the kids a simple face painting lesson. After all, I had everything I needed including extra aprons, canvases, table easels, brushes, paints, palettes and water cups. I designed a very simple panda design and set canvases up for the young painters. I showed them how to create the background and then told to let their creativity loose.

I was taken aback at some of the creations that the kids produced. Kiki’s design was particularly breathtaking. She even face painted her mom and was incredible at it. That was downright one of the best times I’ve had with kids. Everyone had a great time too. What’s more, every child took home a masterpiece of their own creation!

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