When you plan a child’s birthday party, the entertainment must be tip top. One of the best entertainers is a balloon artist. How then does one ensure that they give their kid the best balloon twisting entertainment for their birthday? Relax, this is a fun road trip, and we’ll tell you just how you get to an epic balloon art party.

A Month Before the Party
 Pick a date, set the time and select the perfect venue- it is important that you discuss with your child about these important aspects of the party.
 Choose a theme for the party- Balloon Decor can be a big part of the party decorations. One, therefore, has to choose colors and décor themes that facilitate the event. Ask your balloon decorator for ideas and suggestions and let them know what type of budget you have to work with.
 Send out invitations- come up with a guest list with the help of your child. Send out invitations highlighting the events of the day. It is important that you clearly indicate the time, date and venue as well as the RSVP date. If necessary, include details about the desired attire.
 Book your desired vendors- book a venue that you and your child love. Put a deposit for a professional balloon artist that best fits the occasion. Remember also to book any other entertainment necessary for the party.

Three Weeks to The Party
 Research for the best decorations and DIY ideas for a balloon art birthday party. Magazines, blogs, and Pinterest will be valuable assets.
 Based on your research, create a buying and to-do list for the party.
 It helps if you recruit someone to help you plan the party at this stage
Two Weeks to The Party
 Place orders for décor, favor items and decorations. Do not forget to buy the balloons following the advice of the balloon artist.
 Test run the DIYs you plan on using

A Week to The Party
 Complete shopping for supplies and groceries
 Finish any DIYs that you feel must be done in advance

Two Days to The Party
 Confirm with vendors and entertainers
 Purchase perishables
 Pick up any rentals you require for the party
 If you are having an at-home party, clean up the house

A Day to The Party
 Prepare all the party food and snacks
 Start decorating and setting up the furniture

On the Day of The Party
 Set out the final DIYs and décor
 Display the food and snacks
 Chill the drinks
 Bring forth the entertainment
 Enjoy the party

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