Mermaid greets birthday girl poolside for her party
A surprise birthday visit!

Anyone that has seen a mermaid knows that it is quite the remarkable experience!

Luckily, we happen to know quite a few mermaids that can add a special bit of magic to your event. When our team of talented mermaid performers aren’t luring sailors at sea, they enjoy entertaining the masses.

Here we had a mermaid appearance for a very special birthday girl. While she was inside getting ready for her pool party, a mermaid appeared in their pool! This very special meet and greet made the party so much more enjoyable for our 3 year old birthday girl and she had a blast hanging out in the pool with her new aquatic friend. By the end of the event, the mermaid and our birthday guest of honor were the best of friends!

Mermaids especially enjoy birthday parties and swimming alongside new friends. They are also known to play games and some even sing songs when they think no one is watching! Unlike most merfolk, our mermaid friends don’t shy away from the camera and are actually quite fond of having their picture taken. If you seek to add a mystical mermaid to your event, please feel free to contact us!

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