We can all agree that there are times when a birthday party entertainer goes over and beyond our expectations. Some of them are simply too good at what they do. Tipping an entertainer isn’t expected, but is always appreciated. When a performer gives you a thrilling show, you can certainly express some gratitude by offering them a tip. Here are a few tips on tipping your birthday party entertainment.

The Tip Can Be Part of Your Budget

You already know that planning a party for 20 or so youngsters is not a doddle. With this in mind, you can plan ahead to tip each of your entertainers a few bucks from the get go. If they do really well, you have already budgeted for it. If they don’t exceed your expectations, then you can pocket the money and use it to buy yourself a treat for a party well done.

Entertainers Take Party Stress Off Your Hands

Besides keeping the kids captivated so that you can have some time to catch a breath, party entertainers make you laugh and smile. In so doing, they chase away any stress that may have been creeping up on you on account of having to put together an amazing but overwhelming party. The reduced stress levels sure are worth any tip you might give them. Let the entertainers help you. Ask them for advice, see what they suggest for different aspects of your event, and let them make it easier on you.

There’s No Pressure in Tipping

It is entirely up to you to tip or not to tip. There sure are other ways that you can show your appreciation for a show well-performed. You could, for instance, give the performer excellent reviews, recommend him or her to other people or simply become a regular customer. Even offering a bottle of water during the performance or after the event is a great sign of gratitude that goes a long way toward making your entertainer feel welcomed at your event. Positive reviews and praise often go a long way to inspire an entertainer. Indeed, most performers will love it if you are able to write a review or give a testimonial as they often forget to ask for one.

How to Tip the Entertainer

A cash tip is and has always been the preferred way to express gratitude when a performer does an outstanding job. You can, however, write out a personal check and make it out to the artist as a tip. You could even offer to pay extra on top of the official charge requested by the entertainer. Tips vary in sizes drastically. We see them range from as little as 10% of the entertainment cost all the way up to 50% or more.

In summary, just like everyone else in the service industry entertainers love tips. However, most entertainer are not expecting a tip. It is always a pleasant surprise. A good performer tends to only get tipped about 60% of the time. Knowing this, the better entertainers tend to charge a little more to cover this extra pay for you.

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