The decorations at a birthday party should have a big visual impact. This is the only way that the kids will appreciate everything that you do for them. Creativity is a must if you are going to put on a smashing bash. Below are some balloon decoration ideas from which you can draw some inspiration.

Though we prefer if you use us to create all your balloon decor, we want to have options for those that wish to do it themselves. Here are a few ideas you can run with.

  1. Ice Balloon Bucket

If you do not fancy dipping your hand into frigid water as you reach for a bottle or can at the bottom of the party ice bucket, try making ice balloons. Simply freeze water in the balloons and use this to keep your drinks chilled in a bucket. This leaves no soggy mess when the ice melts.

  1. Glowing Balloon Ice Bucket

As the cliché goes, there is no limit to creativity when decorating with balloons; it is up to you to set your creativity limit. When making the balloon ice bucket described above, you could add some glow stick in the balloons. This not only adds color but also makes it possible for people to spot their favorite drinks at the party.

  1. Build A Balloon Wall

By taping or weighing down balloons at different heights, one can create an exquisite wall. This gives you the perfect backdrop for shooting birthday party photos.  You could also meet and greet your guests here. You could even become more practical and use balloon walls to divide a large party space into different party zones.

  1. Balloon Ice Cream Cones

This is a simple yet highly creative piece of balloon decoration. By shaping a craft paper into a cone and adding it to regular helium balloons, you can create an excellent illusion of ice cream cones that float.

  1. Using Balloons Purposefully

Besides their decorative value, balloons can be put to hands-on use at a birthday party. Balloons filled with helium can be used as place tags. A balloon avalanche can be created to surprise the birthday boy or girl when the door is opened by using thick tape or streamers.

  1. Create A Balloon Arch

By stringing together helium balloons or by using a threaded needle, you can easily create a simple balloon arch.

At the end of it all, the balloons can be repurposed and attached to the goody bags that the kids take home. This way, the balloon fun gets to spread to the homes of your guests too. Just make sure that this is only for children over the age of 8 as uninflated balloons may be considered a choking hazard.

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