Kids birthday parties attract lots of guests who will need to be entertained. It is thus imperative that you pick entertainers who are capable of giving your guests the fun that they came for. Though the artists may vary in many different ways, the following tips ensure that the finest entertainment is found.

#1. Always Ask for Recommendations

This is a time-honored way of getting optimum party entertainment. Your family and friends are in the best position to tell you on a first-hand basis which performers do a great job. If you want leads to find an entertainer who will not disappoint, get personal recommendations from other folks who have planned excellent parties for their kids. If you do not know anyone who has hired the type of entertainment you are looking for, that is okay too. We recommend going with an agency who has worked with many of the same types of performers in the past. They can help determine the entertainer which may be best for your event.

#2. Perfect Timing for Performers

The entertainment you hire must be precisely timed so that no one is left out. Do not plan a party on a day when most of your guest are out of town. Additionally, make your choice of entertainment unique by avoiding types of entertainment your guests may have seen in the recent past. Set the show to begin when all or most of your guests have arrived. Kicking off the entertainment immediately after the party starts leaves out a good number of latecomers. That said, you know your guests better then we do. If they are always on time, then starting right at the start might be great for your group of friends.

#3. The Venue Set Up Should Complement the Entertainment

When you hire an entertainer, it goes without saying that you have to ask how much space will be required for the performance. Always enquire whether the performer would prefer a specific venue layout. Giving the entertainer his or her most preferred spot will enhance the party fun immensely. It sometimes is worthwhile to decorate the background of the performer’s stage as well. We absolutely love balloon decor being added to a venue. We think it helps transform the space and make it more fun for all the party goers.

#4. Never Overlook the Fine Print

The devil always hides in the details. Make sure there is an agreement between you and the artist. A professional entertainer will have a contract with the event date, time, and location. Make sure all these items are correct. It is pretty standard for an entertainer to ask for half or more of the payment up front as the true cost in hiring them has to do with the date and time which they set aside for you. Where we can work Monday through Friday, most entertainers only make the majority of their income from weekend dates. To make sure there isn’t an issue on the day of the event, be clear in the details of where it is held, the contact information, etc.

#5. Turn up the Party with More to Do. 

Even with the best party entertainers in the house, kids’ attention is easily swept away by even the slightest distractions. Kids will remain kids; therefore, try to keep the kids entertained with multiple forms of entertainment when you can. If you are having a birthday party show, that may keep the kid’s attention better than just a caricature artists. Speak to your party planner about some of these details to help create a party atmosphere that is best for your event.

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