Kids will be elated if they walk into a spectacular party with lovely balloon decorations. Lovely balloon decorations are possible if you draw inspiration from your creative inner self. The following ideas are meant to guide you into working out ingenious ways of decorating a birthday party with balloons.

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  • Creative Balloon Hanging Styles

Regulating how balloons float on the ceiling, hand on the wall or bounce around on the floor is basically the soul of your decorations. If you have helium balloons, for instance, at a garden birthday party, you could use strings to attach them to golf tees strategically across the garden. You could make an indoor helium balloon wall by taping them at various heights from the floor. Non-helium balloons, on the other hand, could be taped to the wall like bubbles if they are inflated to different sizes. If you put a penny or marble in non-helium balloons, you could hang them upside down on the wall or from the ceiling.

  • Twist the Balloons into Enticing Shapes

Get a bunch of balloons and invoke your decorative powers to twist them into impressive shapes that kids love.  You could, for instance, form a balloon arc using helium balloons or create flowers with colorful petals. Using a needle, you could also thread a string through balloon rows to make streamers.

  • Decorate Your Decorating Balloons

Decorating a birthday party does not have to be painstaking and boring. You can easily pump into it some extra fun by decorating the balloons. Birthday party balloons are a canvas waiting for your artistic genius to come along and turn them into masterpieces. Glue and glitter have a special place in this job. Simply dip the balloons in a bowl of glue and then glitter and voila you have a two-tone effect dazzling everyone at the party. You could also whip up your drawing kit and draw on the balloons.

  • Insert Other Things into The Balloons

You can make them glow by putting LED lights and glow sticks in the balloons or you can ask your balloon decorator to add lights into the balloon sculptures they put together for you.

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