A face painter comes to a party, puts in painstaking hours of creativity and hard work and leaves your children thoroughly entertained. You, on the other hand, work hand to capture every moment through a camera lens. All the time and effort that everyone places here mustn’t go to waste. We, therefore, look at ways that will improve the quality of pictures you take at a face painting birthday party.

Why Should Good Photography Even Matter?
Photos are every parent’s ticket to great memories of how adorable their children were when little. Many parents have complained to me about how frustrating it sometimes is when photos fail to capture the beauty of a party they bled and sweat to put together. It is both self-rewarding and satisfying to show people and even brag a little about how beautiful your child’s birthday was. Good photos inspire you to give your kids much more in life than great birthday parties. This is because they show you that you are capable.

Factors That Affect Photo Quality
Whether you are using professional cameras, conventional cameras or your smartphone, the following are important factors that will have an impact on the quality of photos that you produce.

Lighting- you do not necessarily have to go out of your way to acquire hi-tech, professional lighting equipment. You can easily leverage on natural lighting to enhance your photos. Indoor light too should be adequate if you desire to get great shots.
Positioning- even with proper lighting, you ought to know where to stand when taking a photo. Your position should keep you from capturing silhouettes and other undesirable photos. Try to face the light when taking photos. This way you will capture the beauty of face art in its entirety.

Background- clutter in the background tends to detract from the main feature of your photos and makes you miss the perfect face art. Plain backgrounds are terrific. Apps are also available to help you take out unwanted aspects of the background.

Angles- these are equally significant. You, however, have to experiment a bit for you to find the perfect ones that show off the best parts of your party.

Expression- smiles, eye sparkles, and happy faces show beauty, life, and happiness. Your shots ought to capture that.

Accessorize- some props will do an excellent job of enhancing face designs. A bit of bling, for instance, won’t hurt.

It also is worth mentioning that proper timing is key. Always have your camera ready to capture those funny, unexpected moments of the party.

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